BtoBet Sportsbook solution is based on B Neuron’s
ecosystem of rules to fit all the betting operator’s needs.

It is a flexible, scalable and reliable solution that will enable betting operators to offer a wide range of sports, events and markets.

Our Sportsbook Solution proudly gives the exclusive possibility to benefit from combining the offers of the main leading supplier of sports betting content together with an innovative Managed Trading Service and the enormous intelligence of our platform.



  • Benefit from an advanced CMS to customise the sportsbook experience
  • Redesigned and reinvented user interface for easy day-to-day management
  • Customise both online and retail sports betting interface
  • Find the data needed with just a glance


  • Add any desired new data feed provider
  • Flexible Managed Trading Services tailored for any type of business
  • Enjoy the most comprehensive betting offer on the market



  • Extensive suite of tools and features
  • Easy transaction across multiple countries with unlimited currencies available
  • Customise offers according to the user’s chosen language
  • Successful managing and maintaining of the Sport Betting Portal


  • Real Time monitoring of all operations with key player information
  • Tracking betting operations with predefined and custom reports
  • Geo-customisation of Risk Management’s Rules
  • Advices and possible action to be taken towards a player


  • Define dynamically the targeted segment of the bonus
  • Freedom to decide the modality of bonus assignment
  • Retain and engage players as never before
  • Scheduled or instant event-driven bonuses


  • Identify easily fraudulent behaviour of a player
  • Get informed with the task status
  • Stay up-to-date with all the system background tasks



Unique events per month.


Markets available.


Live match per month.


Pre-match events per year.

Live betting.


Types of sports.



Virtual sports


Business Intelligence & Reporting

Simplified Dashboard

BtoBet Sports Betting Solution provides easy to use and customisable interfaces. Combine multiple reports and add a wide range of widgets into one single effective dashboard, with an easy drag-and-drop. Make it easier for your executives/users to track KPIs efficiently.

Gaming Metrics

Data can be stored in various database formats, organised in such a way that it is possible to transform the data into various interpretable measures. The Game Metrics are, in essence, interpretable measures and support for decision making purposes. Let BtoBet help shape the success of your games globally through a data driven approach in the global competitive space of the gaming industry.

Rule Driven Authorisation

Benefit from a flexible authorisation rules system based on advanced and detailed attributes.BtoBet gives you the opportunity to customise your sportsbook environment through ease-of-use UI.

Churn Management

Client retention is a must especially in a high risk and competitive environment. BtoBet has a dynamic & configurable churn rules set which can be defined per segment, targeting the churn rate in bonuses and campaigns.

Advanced Dynamic Reporting

BtoBet cutting-edge reporting tool allows the categorisation and deployment of multitude of reports to users. The dynamic reporting system stands out from the crowd through a unique rule engine, which even tells the operator what actions can be taken. Because BtoBet Betting Solution is web-based, allowing access to critical reports and data in real-time when working from the office, home or on the road.

Monitor KPI on a monthly basis

Track KPIs via the BtoBet sports betting solution to identify areas within a strategy that needs improvement and boost dramatically your business.

Cost Management

Monitor and manage sportsbook overhead and calculate the right CLV of your players while reducing operational costs.

Multi-Brand Management

Get a 360° view across all your brands and add easily new brands according to your rules. Benefit from selecting different modules, offer, features and the responsibility per brand. Have the chance to customise your layout and front-end enjoying from a user-friendly interface (Flash/HTML5).

Player Segmentation

Easy to use Rule Engine

Advanced rule editor used for highly targeted player segments, bonuses, campaigns, risk profiles enables dynamic player segmentation with huge flexibility to adjust authorization rules on the fly according different player segments.

Dynamic vs Static Segments

Keep your segments alive. Use dynamic lists that constantly evolve as this makes sure that certain predefined criteria are met. When it comes to dynamic lists, the possibilities really are plenty — and needless say, powerful. Just think of all the targeted offers you could send!

KPI Monitoring per Segment

Track the KPIs of the segments created and identify its weak points. Make decisions easier with the insights acquired via BtoBet sports betting solution.

BtoBet’s ultimate trading and risk management solution will optimise and minimise potential risks ensuring maximum efficiency and safety.
BtoBet gives the licensee different options to manage risk and liability. He can either partially or completely use the integrated Betradar MTS in our platform, having the chance to customise it within our environment. The third possibility is to use the BtoBet platform and manage all the risk and operations himself. Using the BtoBet trading and risk management solution, the licensee can weigh his risks, know which bets could be accepted and manage the odds accordingly.

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