User experience is the key. Do you have it?

User experience is the key. Do you have it?


How important is user experience?


The important notion here is to realise how important user experience really is. Most iGaming operators spend insane amounts of money just to bring potential players on their website. However, in order to understand the importance of user experience we need to point out that according to a research, 70.1% of the potential players that visit your site leave before making a deposit. This is why the user experience needs to start before you start learning the habits of your players, it needs to start by offering the most appealing design imaginable on every device, which accompanied by a great offer will be able to convert more potential into actual players.


How have the users’ expectations changed?


The time you have to impress is getting smaller by the minute. According to a new research, the attention span of humans is dropping greatly and is now as low as 8 seconds, which is why leaving a great first impression is crucial. Users expect something they are going to like from the beginning, however even after they become ‘your players’ the expectations have risen greatly. Because of the advancements in technology and the great competition, the bar is raised so high up that users subconsciously expect you to predict what it is they want and display it to them.


How can you improve user experience?


Enhancing the user experience design, we talked about earlier is supposed to help you convert new players as well as keep your existing ones loyal. However, the key lies in the taking advantage of the new technological achievements, because if you don’t, your competition will. First of all, the integration of all channels is crucial. Users like their privacy, but not as much as they want to receive excellent customer service. This means that you need to follow your users across all channels, learn from their habits. Once you have integrated all channels providing an omnichannel experience to your users, you need to analyse the data you have and using the artificial intelligence software. With the help of the recommendation engine, you can anticipate precisely what every single player wants to see in order to make accurate predictions and make it easy for them to focus on the actual betting instead of searching for the bets. This will be greatly appreciated by your players, enhancing the user experience and will actually lead to greater profit margins in the process.


Final word


Players would like to feel stunned and delighted while playing on your sports betting or casino website. For getting a real boost, you need a highly engaging and functional website or software. Understanding customer requirements and improving usability is not an expensive endeavour, but all too often we see websites that fail to meet the needs of large groups of their audience, and on the face of it, the online betting market appears to be no different.

Are you meeting the needs of your customers online?

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