UIs with user experience and player satisfaction in focus to dominate the industry

From what are the biggest challenges of operators to what holds the future for the iGaming industry in terms of UX and UI, Lloyd Danzig, Founder, and CEO of Sharp Alpha Advisors, shares his opinions and viewpoints in the interview that is exclusively featured in the latest industry report “A Player-First Approach”.


The reality, and at the same time challenge for operators is building highly accurate prediction engines for sporting events. According to Loyd, that is a strenuous task, but moreover, building and deploying models that are efficient enough to run and be updated in real-time can be even harder.


“This applies not only to the frameworks used for generating and updating market prices but also to KYC/AML compliance and CRM optimization that can directly or indirectly affect the user experience, which results in serving users with a suboptimal product, that leads to a drop in customer retention”, he states.


In addition, his viewpoint is that operators who attain significant market shares will be those who will provide a betting experience in the near future, putting the player in the center. A significantly more player-centric betting experience will be introduced to players throughout personalized promotions and loyalty programs. This also includes constructing the software and algorithms, as the basis of any iGaming operation, with the end-user in mind.


It could be fatal to operate in 2020 under the principle that the UX and UI design are both the same, Lloyd highlights.


“The very fact that so many people wager so much money in EV-negative casino games and sports betting markets shows there to be a massive experiential component to gambling that extends far beyond the actual mechanics of the game. In a state like New Jersey, with 17 live mobile operators, it is critical to differentiate one’s offering, both to acquire and to retain customers. Anyone building or leveraging technology to be used in a gaming context needs to consider the whole of the customer journey and experience in their design choices”, he states.


He believes that the UX landscape in the iGaming space will evolve at a rapid pace over the coming years. Furthermore, Lloyd states that he expects bespoke user experiences created from a data-driven methodology to provide a more curated and optimized stream of content and betting opportunities to customers.


“We already see a movement toward the convergence of these two facts of the betting environment onto a single screen, a trend which I expect to accelerate”, Lloyd stated.


In the end, Lloyd discussed that, eventually, the sector of games development will be predominated by UIs that are intuitive and easy to navigate, however, it is expected for these to see a great competition – UIs that will put the user experience and player satisfaction in their focus.


To read the whole interview download the latest industry report “A Player-First Approach”.



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