eSports: The next big thing in Africa?




eSports has garnered the attention of everyone from major investors, brands and advertisers, to gaming houses. According to international analysis, eSports will definitely play a key role in the future of sports betting, with an estimated global wagering market of $23 billion by 2020.
What about South Africa?
The country is quickly catching up to this international trend and soon in Cape Town operators will have the opportunity to discover more about the trend. In fact, South African gaming industry nowadays is at over R2.6 billion, with estimations to reach R3.6 billion by 2019. Unique Twitch connections from South Africa are around 160,000 and over 33,000 people attended rAge -South African eSports Expo in 2015.
This is a clear indication of the high level of interest in gaming in this country.


What about eSports enthusiasts in general and in Africa?


The core eSports enthusiast is attractive for the typical sportsbook: young (18- 34 year olds), over 30% of current eSports fans have engaged with some form of betting online, with disposable income and a strong propensity to gamble.





What about Mobile and online market in South Africa?


Snapshot of S. Africa digital statistical indicates that in the last year the number of active internet and social media users is increased (+14% and +25% accordingly) and the same happened to the number of mobile connections (+9%) and of active social users (20%)




How can African operators catch the attention of this target?


eSports’ fan base is composed by millions across South Africa and traditional bookmakers and operators must be prepared for this fast growing phenomena avoiding to loose ground on their competitors. eSports target is completely different from the traditional pointers and it is important to understand millennials’ preferences in order to attract and retain them.
Operators need strategies and suitable instruments to take Millennials stick to their brand.


Operators have to dedicate a special section to eSports because it is not to be treat as a traditional betting environment.
For a deeper insight about Millennial and the strategy to attract their attention, we suggest to explore this link and to download the dedicated White Paper about eSports Betting and South Africa.

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