Defining the value of the omniscient player experience

Defining the value of the omniscient player experience


Digitalization of business has seen tremendous growth in the last decade and has been an area of primary focus for most of the igaming operators. Operators realise that the strong growth in digital space can even enhance the retail ecosystem, but it has to have a strategic approach to going omnichannel. Players expect the same level of service regardless of the channel they use through a unified betting engine able to differentiate the betting content dependent on the channel in use. Operators will collect quality player data analysing it across channels delivering a totally customised experience, different for each channel according to the personal preferences of the players


Do You Have a Variety of Channels That Customers Use and Want?


The trend of moving online can’t be ignored. Everyday players migrate online and mobile from retail, it is simple why – convenience. Players are getting younger by the minute, and younger players are ready for both online and mobile. There are numerous statistics showing that going online is inevitable and the smart thing to do, mostly because of the difficulty of staying just retail. Players expect you to have multiple offers. They also expect you to have the offers integrated – which will bring them greater convenience they move to online in the first place.


Do You Store Customer Data in One Central Location?


Ok, you now have retail, online and mobile, but is that enough? A more important question is, do you collect data for your customers, and how do you store the data you collect? This is even more important than actually having multiple offers. What is the use in offering multiple offers that are not really integrated? Why would the players use you through all channels instead of different operators? That is exactly why it is important for you to create benefits for the players using all of your channels. The first step towards doing so is the collection of player data. The next one is integrating the data collected through all of the channels in one place. This is the only option that makes real sense. If you are to collect data, you should know which channel what player uses and how. Once you collect all the data for all players through all channels, with the use of certain tools you can conveniently offer the best offer in every moment for each individual player.


Importance of putting omnichannel offer into practice


In order to offer a single offer that provides personalised content and delivers consistent user experience across all channels the best solution out there is the omnichannel solution. This is actually the best way to follow your players and with the help of the recommendation engine, which analyses the data collected, you will be able to make accurate predictions of what your players actually want. The evolution of the technology has advanced beyond simple player management systems that enable operators to acquire and analyse a player’s data and behaviour. The innovation of AI – and the related concept of the Recommendation Engine – enables operators to automatically cluster users according to their interests and preferences, managed across all channels and providing them with cross-channel marketing solutions.



Benefits of having your Channels Integrated?


You will be able to create specific and highly targeted service that can deliver interesting and attractive offer to the selected users at any point of time. With each user having different priorities, devising a uniform strategy to address the customer demands will be futile. The challenge, therefore, lies in developing a technology solution that intelligently analyses each user case and delivers results based on a set of pre-defined criteria. This leads to more satisfied players who will consecutively use your omnichannel platform instead of different operators through different channels. Having satisfied customers leads to greater profits, and more marketing options to motivate your loyal players to action.


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