Can Sports Betting Soon Become Number One Vertical In The UK?

Observing the global sports betting map throughout the years, one can undoubtedly conclude that the United Kingdom is one of the leading countries in this landscape, with a long history in sports betting.

Taking a glimpse at the latest market share developments in the UK will further elaborate this. All data recordings suggest highest figures when it comes to player engagement on the online channels in the country. Set illustratively, with £6.9 billion in Gross Gaming Revenue generated by the online casino, betting and bingo verticals, the United Kingdom is now by fact one of the primary players in the iGaming market for EU area. In this online sector, casino games garner the largest market share, generating £4.0 billion in GGR. Second is the remote betting, amounted to £2.6 billion, with football and horse betting leading other sports, followed by remote bingo amounted to £189.1 million.

The online market composition as such is a natural implication of the propensity of the local bettors towards football, as a first and foremost sport in the country, immediately followed by horse racing, now high in terms of popularity amongst gamblers. This interesting diversification of content offered by operators is due to the rapid transformation of the iGaming industry. Transitioning to online channels resulted with opening of new opportunities, ensuing a more colorful offer for players and new revenue streams for operators.

Worth highlighting is the noted number increase of active players on the market. According to the provisional statistics from UK’s largest operators that almost completely cover the market, the trajectory in terms of players active per vertical is strong and with a potential for further growth.

To conclude, sports betting in the United Kingdom as one of the most prominent forms of online wagering is not a current positive trend, but rather a promising basis for future development at a significant rate.

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