BtoBet’s CMO Sabrina Soldà talks about business, innovation and life in an exclusive interview by G&M News

BtoBet’s CMO Sabrina Soldà talks about business, innovation and life in an exclusive interview by G&M News


As part of an exclusive video-interview for the ‘G&M 1on1’ cycle, BtoBet’s CMO shared her thoughts on life, working ethics, the role of women in gaming and how the company is leading the way in the industry, offering key technological tools to operators in LatAm, Africa and Europe.


Soldà began the interview by talking about her childhood, her upbringing in Padova, Italy, and commenting on the strong values ​​she received from her parents. Then, she mentioned how relevant is for her to be in contact with nature. She explained about the ‘Blue Mind philosophy’, and how to live and work closed by the Mediterranean Sea has helped her to relax, meditate and be better prepared to face her daily challenges, commitments and responsibilities.


In terms of her career, Sabrina (fluent in languages ​​such as Chinese, English, French, German and Italian) has had an extensive and successful one so far, working first in positions of Account Manager, Advertising Manager, Marketing Manager in different companies. She has even founded her own marketing agency, Mystique. In 2009, she was introduced to gaming, working at WorldMatch as Marketing Manager. Later, in 2015, she entered BtoBet, where she has been working as CMO. In that role, Sabrina is dedicated to set BtoBet’s inbound marketing strategy to drive awareness and demand in the global market.


After 5 successful years at BtoBet; she explained how the company has been able to provide adequate and innovative technological tools for its clients, as well as to transfer and share that knowledge into marketing campaigns based on valuable technical analysis and market reports. She recalled the launch of the Neuron 3 platform at ICE London in February, this year, and highlighted the efforts of the company to maintain a close relationship with operators and customers throughout pandemic. Another topic mentioned in the talk was the strong penetration of BtoBet in emerging markets such as Africa and LatAm.


As a powerful woman of the industry, Soldà also expressed her opinion about how has the role of women in gaming evolved in the last 5 years, in terms of their inclusion in C-level or top positions, the greater respect for their knowledge and the search for more equality and equity with their male peers. Finally, she anticipated the next BtoBet projects to continue leading the trends in the sector; especially, after being acquired by Aspire Global, which will undoubtedly further enhance its position as a frontrunner in the gaming industry.


You can watch the full interview on the link below:


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