3D virtual assistant: bringing real-life experience closer to your online players

3D virtual assistant: bringing real-life experience closer to your online players


Recently, we talked about the new AR marketing tools to be released by BtoBet during ICE Totally Gaming. Today we are going to focus on our favorite tool of them all – The Virtual Assistant. Besides being breathtakingly attractive (especially for a virtual female) she can be surprisingly helpful, for both the players and the operators.

One of the main benefits of the Virtual assistant is to bring back the human touch the virtual world lacks in comparison to the land based casinos and betting shops. When we add the flawlessness of the virtual assistant in comparison to the often imperfect human interaction players are used to, we can see its true potential for greatness. It can always be there, but will never be intrusive, providing helpful information with impeccable timing. She can be totally personalized [her skin, her look, her voice, clothes] and any company can obtain and create its own tailor-made Avatar. There are three avatars the virtual assistant can transform into:

The Tutorial Virtual Assistant


Transforming the avatar into the Tutorial Virtual Assistant, used for settling any doubts players might have. It can be used for the explanation of certain fields and buttons, explaining everything the player might not understand regarding the betting process. How to create your account, make a deposit, place a bet, or withdraw the winnings? Well, she knows it all. We all know how much easier personal explanations are than just reading a tutorial, that is why half of the employees are for, to help out.  Then, once the assistant helps you figure out what you got wrong, you can finish what you started, leading to higher betting conversion, since less people will stay confused, meaning less players will give up on placing their bets, leaving both the players and operators happy.


The Interactive Virtual Assistant

The interactive virtual assistant will be the operators voice to the players. It will be able to transform and represent the entire brand with one avatar. The avatar can be 2D or 3D and can be fully personalized and fully customized to the operators needs and wishes. The greatest use for the interactive virtual assistant is in fact being a messenger for marketing campaigns and promotions that will be available, triggering the attention of both existing and potential players.


The Push Notification Virtual Assistant


The push notification avatar pushes personalized information that might be of great interest to the player. This avatar is proactive making bet and event suggestions based on the player’s preferences and habits. This comes as a result of the ability of the Recommendation Engine to anticipate the desires of the players. This avatar appears after the opening of the push notifications, and greatly stimulates the players to take action upon the push notifications they received. It improves the user experience greatly, converting more push notifications to action taken. This is one of the key tools for brand loyalty, because of the amazing personalization level it provides, keeping the players more satisfied than ever before.


BtoBet will launch these, as well as the other revolutionary AR marketing tools we talked about in our previous post, as a part of our campaign on ICE Totally Gaming in London.

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