Mobile market thriving in Africa?

BtoBet is planning to display 2 exclusive live demos in Ghana and Kenya, to explain to operators how they can grow their revenues using a clever omnichannel platform.


The “Betting and iGaming West Africa Summit” will be welcoming – from 18th to 20th July in Accra, Ghana – firms, regulators and technology suppliers of the gambling industry to discuss current trends and future directions of the industry.


As cited during the Summit in Nairobi, mobile users are increasing at a surprising rate in Africa. Results in a recent nation-wide survey conducted by Financial Inclusion Survey which compared Ghana to its African neighbours Kenya and Tanzania, confirmed that the 2 Eastern countries are the most successful Mobile Money markets in the world. Additionally, according to the World Bank’s Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP), Ghana was said to be “the most digital financial services-ready country in Africa”. Moreover, 91% of Ghanaians already own a mobile phone (compared to 83% and 67% in Kenya and Tanzania, respectively). In fact, mobile users and mobile money accounts doubled in Ghana in the last year alone, 17% of this amount consists of the adult population.


What about Sports betting in Ghana?


Currently very popular in the country, sportsbooks let Ghanaians bet in person, offer online betting platforms and make bets over the phone in Accra.
So why not join us during the Summit from 18th to 19th July at the Kempinski Hotel? Btobet’s Business Developer, Andrea Giuliani, will be giving a presentation about Betting and the iGaming Business where live demos of the company’s technological omnichannel platform will be highlighted and explained in detail.


If the aforementioned dates and venue don’t fit operator’s schedule, BtoBet will be giving another live demo during the Roadshow, in Kenya, from 20th to 21st July, at Best Western Hotel of Nairobi. Here, BtoBet’s expert will meet operators to illustrate the advanced features of the platform to fit their needs and the players-bettors expectations, while betting through mobile, online or in shops.


In this regard, Andrea Giuliani emphasized:
“Our omnichannel concept offers players the best possible experience, and operators receive the greatest insight into their player behaviour to drive revenues. It enables the evolution of physical bet-shops into intelligent shops via one single channel, integrating web and physical stores by giving the opportunity to better understand players. To this end, BtoBet has developed an omnichannel platform called B Neuron and Sportsbook, based on Artificial Intelligence, allowing operators to deliver the right product at the ideal time for every single customer.”


We encourage you to visit BtoBet’s website so you can download the Whitepaper about Africa to get all the insight about the fast growing market in the continent.


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