Is the Gaming Intelligence the key to boost the performance of iGaming operators’ business and to increase profits?

Is the Gaming Intelligence the key to boost the performance of iGaming operators’ business and to increase profits?


Nowadays, with the improvement of technology and software being applied to big data analytics, the possibility of predicting user’s behavior and player’s actions is a reality and a platform based on the Gaming Intelligence – as Btobet’s B Neuron – can offer a huge number of benefits.


BtoBet’s AI platform, through algorithms, provides a countless amount of key player information such as the player happiness level, type of player (e.g. whether he is VIP), and what kind of segment he belongs to. Licensees can access independently to the player data, to a dynamic segmentation of gamers according to their behaviour and to the player activity geo-localisation. All these functions allow operators to diversify the action on different types of users and to build easily the best strategies, specific promotional activities and more effective ad hoc marketing campaigns. Moreover, the financial risks can be under control through a detailed budgeting system operated by the Artificial Intelligence which measure the exposure for all the single bonus campaigns to avoid bonuses abusers.


Additionally, BtoBet’s cleaver dynamic reporting system gives the operators a wide range of automatic and customizable which allow them to adjust the rules to their advantage and to lead the business strategy at its best.


What about bonus system? The artificial intelligence provides a performing bonus structure which enables constant offering of attractive incentive to the players that are appealed to join the community any time. Once registered, they are followed through and as they progress in gameplay and depositing, while the system provides the possibility of awarding more attractive bonuses and promotions which retains the most valuable players at the platform.


Commenting on Gaming Intelligence, BtoBet’s CEO, Alessandro Fried stated:


“I firmly believe that the Gaming Intelligence is vital for the iGaming industry and Btobet’s Recommendation engine, through the AI, is a big plus that gives the licensees the opportunity to recommend users with gaming content by studying their past behaviours and also by aggregating players with similar gaming habits. The rules engine anticipates the player’s desires by suggesting the bets and games that can trigger interest in the player and this is fundamental to extend his life cycle at the advantage of the operator who increases the wagering activity effecting dramatically his ROI. Fried concluded:


 “Adopting BtoBet’s platform, licensees can take advantage of an efficient gaming intelligence and reporting which is vital for the business to stay competitive and ahead in the gambling market.”

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