Enada 2016: BtoBet, the innovative multi-channel model

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This year’s Enada 2016 in Rimini offered days of excitement to the Italian gaming industry.   It was a trade show which offered an opportunity to new and old operators to attract potential clients to their business.


Enada 2016 testified that Italy is moving in the right direction and it is starting to base its gaming policies on the international market. Up to recently, the Italian gaming market was strictly related to betting shops. The other extreme was to use only the web. However today’s reality is changing and Enada 2016 was reflecting this change in mentality.


The Italian operators are now shifting from this strict mentality to more more open one, one which reflects the needs of the current market. They are realising that the retail and online business need not be an opposing reality. Instead, the operator can have both realities under one roof, realities by shifting his retail bettors to online, by having one account which can be accessed from his PC, mobile or tablet.


The most forward looking operators are starting to apply this strategy.


BtoBet is the first iGaming software company offering all those operators which are keen to make this shift. BtoBet has been investing its energy on this concept since 2013, and has finalised a product based on artificial intelligence for both online and retail.


BtoBet has three products; B Neuron, B Konnect and B Retail. All products are based on the concept mentioned above, that of multi-channeling. At the centre of every product, BtoBet thought of the bettor/player, a concept which is highly useful to the operator. When designing the product, the company kept in mind that a bettor/player must have the option to use his account from different media, including the betting shop, which to most can be the starting point to betting. Having a multi-chanelled service allows the operator to create specific and targeted marketing campaigns.


Gaming operators participating at Enada were open to get to know more about this innovative concept. Keeping in mind the new direction which the Italian market is taking, the bridge between the betting shops and the web is the way forward.


BtoBet managed to meet the expectations of the operators who are inclined to take this inevitable new root with the great advantage of already offering what they are looking for.



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