Double honor for BtoBet: Certificates for exceptional financial achievement and Business leader in Macedonia for 2022

Macedonian company BtoBet acquires two certificates for the past year, one for exceptional financial achievement and another for a 2022 Business leader in Macedonia, as one of the 500 largest employers in the country.

“We are proud that for another year in a row we have obtained a certificate for exceptional financial achievement, a confirmation of the quality of our work, consistent growth and permanent financial stability. This year we have also received another recognition that ranks us as one of the largest employers in our country for the past year, which makes us especially happy, because it is the result of our commitment to create an inclusive, encouraging and supportive work environment that will attract and retain domestic talents”, says Monika Stefanovska, Head of Legal and Compliance in the company, adding that the company’s ambitions for the next period are really big.

“BtoBet has continuously experienced exponential growth, both in terms of human resources and market-wise in the industry in which we operate. As a domestic company that works exclusively for the international market, we are established in Europe, Africa and Latin America, and recently we officially marked our entrance to the North American market, with which I can say that we entered a new phase of growth. Interesting times lie ahead for BtoBet”, concludes Stefanovska.

These certificates, otherwise awarded by the Macedonian credit rating agency Target Group, are acquired by responsibly and quality-managed companies, which have successful management of their business processes, manage to maintain or improve their operations and turn most of the threats in their operations into opportunities, in order to achieve the best possible results.

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