A successful internship story: BtoBet’s culture is inviting and exciting

In cooperation with Birthright Macedonia, for three consecustive weeks BtoBet was a host of Angela Efremova, student from Canada, on her successful internship journey within the company. Sharing her experience, she gives a better view of how this internship impacted future developments in her academic goals, career growth and interests in general.


What is your experience from both working and learning in different departments in BtoBet?
Joining BtoBet I was able to work in departments I haven’t yet experienced, such as HR, marketing and corporate. It opened new interest and appreciation for these departments which now seem like a viable option for my career in the future. I was able to see how the multiple sectors interact together in order to create and maintain the workflow at BtoBet. I also got the chance to see what I can expect on a day-to-day basis when working in front-end development.

How do you see the culture in BtoBet?
BtoBet’s culture is inviting and exciting. I found that everyone seemed happy to come to work and interact with their colleagues, as did I. It is evident that BtoBet does a great job creating strong friendships at work, but also through their team building events as I can see the excitement everyone feels in anticipation of their next one. I find that BtoBet truly cares for their employees and that they want to see everyone thrive through the benefits they offer and their daily office life.

What does working in a larger group mean as an opportunity for students?
Being able to work at a company where you are able to not only grow within the company but also explore the different locations in which the group is laid out is fantastic. It is important that you can find security at your company while still being able to move around and are not confined to a certain place. I think going forward more students are going to be interested in companies that can offer this.

Would you consider joining BtoBet in the future?
I would love to join BtoBet in the future, I was welcomed with open arms and was provided assistance and understanding for any and all of my queries. I appreciate the culture they have built and would love to be a part of it. I feel as though I will be challenged intellectually, given the opportunity for growth, and the chance to work in a fun environment with like-minded people. You should be expecting my resume coming in the moment I graduate 😉

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