Alessandro Fried shared his views on eSports betting with Calvin Ayre

Almost a month ago, BtoBet and BetRadar announced their partnership to offer the ultimate eSports Solution. This time, Lee Davy from sits down with the CEO of BtoBet to figure out why eSports has caused the stampede it has, who the eSports consumers are, and how everyone in the eSports betting community can learn to provide the very best products for them.




They start the Q&A with the question: “Why have eSports been so popular?”  Where Alessandro Fried explains his views.

“If you look at the way millennials interact in their daily lives, you will notice that the use of technology plays a major role. They were born in an evolving video game environment, and they socialise and connect with friends through technology, video games and the digital dimension. They access their entire world through technology, looking for ways to follow their passion with a seamless experience; playing and having fun. eSports is the perfect solution to fulfilling millennials’ expectation, and that is why it has become so popular. As a result, social gambling has been described as the next revolution in the online gambling world, and the National Olympic Committee recognises eSports as a real part of the sporting world. When it comes to events, major sponsors such as Coca-Cola and American Express are mainstays. These are clear signs that society is positively accepting this new reality, and it will soon be common to refer to a gamer as a “sportsperson”.


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