At Btobet great just isn’t good enough.

It’s just our starting point.

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An idea was born in the mind of a dynamic and visionary entrepreneur who is always one step ahead of the game. Alessandro Fried, an igaming industry veteran, along with his technical partner, had connected TWO areas of expertise, ICT and iGaming and fused them with the SOLE vision that foresaw the future needs of the players in this ongoing evolving sector of igaming.


That idea grew in one of the pillars of the iGaming and betting industry – Btobet.


We set a new trend in the iGaming industry and it continues to be the backbone of our company’s Vision: Striving to anticipate the future needs of our global audience and meeting these needs rather than looking at what the competitors are doing.


BtoBet is a pioneer in new technologies for iGaming operators and the betting industry by using technological intelligence as the main base for our products. Our unique, customizable, secure and flexible cloud-based systems deliver unprecedented capabilities to drive Sportsbook and iGaming business. We serve the gaming industry with solutions and products that are ready to support any change in the consumers’ behavior and on the market as well as custom software development and services based on client’s requirements.

The secret to our success is the simplicity and scalability of our platform. Irrelevant of your company’s size, needs or specific target markets, our platform gives you the power to serve your players’ future needs today!

Alessandro Fried, Chairman BtoBet

Btobet has an ever growing team of developers, constantly challenging their skills to
improve the functionalities of the solutions we offer. The perfection of our product lies in
investing in quality people with the can-do attitude.

Kostandina Zafirovska, CEO BtoBet

At BtoBet we constantly strive to improve our product offering, we do this by listening and working closely with our partners, taking their ideas and making them reality.

We see our clients’ feedback as an essential part of keeping us one step ahead of the game!


Bringing you tomorrow’s innovations today!

Bringing you tomorrow’s innovations today!

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