Your players: the focus of your business

Importance of the player’s satisfaction with the brand’s offers


iGaming operators need to organise in such way that the players feel how important they are for the brand and that his pleasure is in the first place.  They should enjoy a seamless experience (one account, single wallet, localised content, localised currency, recommended offer). Innovation in technology plays a key role in regards to providing this compelling seamless experience to the players. A player-centric approach, where operators will not just provide bets but will provide a different kind of sportsbook and gaming experience for the players. For instance, in the sports betting industry, players are given a very large variety of bet types on a huge number of events. This is why events must be easy to find, especially those of interest to the specific player making the selection and betting.


Recommendation engine


It is not only important to have loads of games, events, bets into your offer. It is just as important to have it tailored to the players’ preferences, selecting what will be of interest to them. The Recommendation engine could be viewed as the essential solution for player retention.


A hybrid recommendation engine – such as BtoBet’s system –  can provide much more accurate recommendations than traditional approaches. The sports betting recommendation engine (RE) can control and suggest bets or events analysing the bettor’s behaviour according to sport, category, tournament, competitors and market type preference. The casino RE can recommend games per similarity, comparing the attributes such as theme, volatility, games category and player’s preferences.


The Recommendation engine (RE) collects and analysis the information players provide with their behaviour, bets, activities, likes which help it predict which events would be of greater interest to a specific player.  With the help of BtoBet clever sports betting RE, it is possible to analyse players’ behaviour according to sport, category, tournament, competitors and market type preference. Through the A.I. and its sophisticated algorithms, operators are able to track players’ behaviour and flawlessly suggest the most desired games, odds and bets for each player individually. This anticipation of bettors wishes, whilst providing an irreplaceable personal experience leads to a higher betting frequency and feeling of importance by the bettor leading to a far greater brand loyalty.


Omnichannel experience


The player’s satisfaction goes beyond the perfect anticipation of the player’s preferences. It is of utmost importance that players can use multiple devices simultaneously. Betting through the same account while using different devices is as important to the operators as it is to the players, though. One account, multiple devices (online, mobile and retail) is of the utmost importance for providing precise information so the A.I. of the RE can provide more accurate predictions and suggestions. BtoBet’s omnichannel concept is incredibly beneficial for both parties. It offers players with the best possible experience they can get, making their bets of interest within their grasp at all times, and operators with the greatest insight into and analysis of the player behaviour which helps them drive revenues up. It practically helps physical bet-shops evolve into intelligent, single channel shops, integrating the web and physical stores providing the opportunity to better understand your players. For this goal, BtoBet has developed an omnichannel platform – B Neuron and Sportsbook, which based on artificial intelligence, allows operators to deliver the right product at the right time for every customer.


Any solution that provides a compelling experience for the player and makes him feeling special through personalised offers, that shows tailored product offers and gives better options to players, will secure success for all the operators. Products with better features encourage players and bettors to spend more and increase the average spending value. Progress is inevitable and it is usually a crucial part of success. A progressive solution like this brings a win-win scenario into the picture and should definitely be a crucial part of any operators’ iGaming platform.

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