“We will seek to continue building on our momentum”- Sabrina Soldà, BtoBet

“We will seek to continue building on our momentum”- Sabrina Soldà, BtoBet


Sabrina Soldà, BtoBet’s Chief Marketing Officer, in an exclusive interview by Soloazar talked about the global situation and made an evaluation of 2020.


How do you evaluate the year 2020, considering the global situation? How has it affected the company in particular?


Even though the global pandemic pretty much impacted every industry and created a high level of uncertainty, I deem 2020 to have been a very positive and satisfying year for BtoBet. The global health crisis served as the litmus test not only to the company’s resilience, but also highlighted positive traits – such as our agility in dealing with new and evolving situations, and finding solutions to previously unthought of circumstances.


This year also brought to light our previous investments in bolstering and expanding all our content portfolios, and simplifying the process of shifting from a hugely retail dependent business model to a newer concept reflecting all of today’s sales channels, where all channels are truly interlinked with one another. This allows operators a wide element of freedom to provide their players with a customer-centric UX where the betting process is not limited to any particular channel or gadget.


Overall, these elements led BtoBet to not only being in an optimal position to weather the turbulent months where the sportsbook vertical was practically brought to a halt, but more importantly in assisting all our partners to quickly adapt to the situation, diversify their revenue, whilst providing their players with a wide array of alternative content.


It has to be duly mentioned that our efforts also drove BtoBet to form part of Aspire Global, a leading company which in all its elements is now at the forefront of the industry’s B2B value chain. There is no denying that with BtoBet now forming part of a larger and listed company our partners can expect to have major innovative solutions put at their disposal deriving from an increased investment capacity, and at the same time accessing additional content and products that constitute the group’s portfolio.



What are your expectations and goals for next year? Which markets will you be targeting (or strengthening) and which products or services do you expect to launch?


2021 will surely be an exciting year for BtoBet. We will seek to continue building on our momentum, whereby we will not only consolidate our position in those markets where we are considered as the natural gateway, such as Africa and Latin America, but also strengthen our footprint in the more mature European market whilst entering new and exciting territories.


In the past weeks we have already announced some partnerships that fall in line with this strategy, and with Aspire Global’s knowledge and expertise it is our aim to further our global presence. The next weeks will see us announce strategic partnerships in new markets, so definitely the coming year will be a positive one for BtoBet.


From a technological point of view, since the company’s inception we have advocated for the industry to shift its stance from a product-centric approach to a customer-centric one, where players get more for their buck. Most of the time, operators and service providers alike tend to forget that the iGaming industry is all about entertainment. Yet we are still fall short to other industries from this perspective, and only now are the majority of operators realising how beneficial it is to adopt a customer-centric model. A one-size-fits-all UX is a thing of the past. Each player expects a tailored experience according to his preferences and betting behaviour. Such an approach will not only heighten the entertainment level of our industry, but will also reap great benefits for the operators themselves, with studies clearly indicating a higher ARPU in contexts where the UX is tailored and customised according to the different player preferences. Based on this we will continue working not only on improving the Neuron 3 platform, but look forward to announce new and interesting innovations reflecting the great importance that we give to the final player.


Originally published on Soloazar


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