How to Be Unique in the Gaming Industry

How-to-Be-Unique-in-the- Gaming- Industry

How-to-Be-Unique-in-the- Gaming- Industry

How To Be Unique in the Gaming Industry


Take the possibility to project a strong identity for YOUR brand, providing differentiation from any of your competitors. Our Neuron Gaming and Sportsbook platforms are conceived to always stay at the forefront of innovation through: continuous updates and new releases. The platforms are forever adapting to developments in new technologies and changing tune with them. They allow for infinite personalization and ensure that any operator adopting Neuron Platforms will be unique on the market.


Last week, we talked about the advantages of our Neuron Sports Platform and this week we will introduce you to our Neuron Gaming Platform. However, if you wish to discover how to make your brand unique and meet us in person, you can book a meeting below or find us at STAND S1-320 at this year’s ICE Totally Gaming, taking place in Excel London.

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Why choose the Neuron Gaming platform? – Because it allows you to manage your operations with no compromise. It is an open platform, scalable, customizable and above all intelligent. With the Neuron Gaming platform, you get control of your players as never before through its revolutionary features: Intelligent key player information; reduction of resources tool; fraud prevention assistant; genius bonus tool.


Choose the right gaming platform for your gaming operations


The Omnichannel platform, based on Artificial Intelligence technology allows you easy management of your operations, ensuring you can tailor your offers to your players, automatically. The AI platform reduces time and labor costs, maximizing the effort of delivering the perfect offer for an unforgettable experience for your players. And not only that. BtoBet team is comprised of skilled experts who are ready to assist and satisfy any of your iGaming needs and requirements at any time.


360 ° Customization


In BtoBet, we strongly believe that each operator must be unique on the market. For this reason, Neuron Gaming has been projected to being fully personalized. The operator can integrate Neuron Gaming with any CMS of the market through the API offered by the platform or he can totally develop his owns site. Otherwise, he can opt for WordPress integrated in BtoBet’s platform.


Neuron Gaming can be easily integrated with any third-party product


  • Open to be integrated with any CMS
  • Open to be integrated with any Games provider
  • Open to be integrated with any Sportsbook provider
  • Open to be integrated with any payment method
  • Open to be integrated with affiliation system
  • Open to be integrated with any ERP or business intelligence platform


To sum up, you need a trusted technology partner and BtoBet is exactly that. It offers standalone omnichannel platforms and services for the iGaming and sports-betting industries. Since the beginning of time, BtoBet has invested in a talented development team, continuously training and focusing on maintaining the technological software and developing our machine learning capacity. IF you want to be ahead of your competition, you’ve came to the right place.


Meet us at ICE S1-320 or book a meeting to learn more about how we can help you excel your business!

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