Overcoming barriers to innovation



Overcoming barriers to innovation


For a business to distinguish from the crowd and thrive in a competitive market, it is crucial to constantly innovate and improve. As a company in the gaming industry we strive to find the next industry disruptor and try to make operations more efficient. This is a vital part of the process. Without regularly investing in technology that underpins both progress and performance, our business runs the risk of lagging helplessly behind the competition.


Bringing new technology into the gaming business, identifying or adopting new approaches, you are likely to encounter several barriers. Luckily overcoming these barriers is possible with the right organizational attitude and mind-set. Take a look below to find common barriers that happen to every business, not just the gaming industry.


3 preliminary key pieces of advice for successful innovators in every industry


1. Don’t just treat the symptoms as they are merely symptoms of a deeper innovation problem. You need to act on the root causes of the problems that need to be tackled.

2. Don’t only act on one root cause. It is definitely easier to only focus on one underlying issue, but companies need to act systemically in all areas where these root causes come from.

3. Don’t be a copy-cat of the best practices. Look into and learn from other how they’ve tackled similar challenges and build an action plan to address your company’s most critical issues. Your
success depends on it.


Resistance to the new order


Issue: There will always be those people who are more in favor of the status quo and with a mind set of “this is how we do things”, which is definitely one of the toughest challenges to overcome. Most of the time, this way of thinking can harm the business and not even go in the direction of how this change can benefit the players.


Solution: One way you can tackle this issue is by getting the user base comfortable with the technology, introducing it to them early and helping them understand how it makes their roles more efficient.


Player-platform bond


Issue: Getting the player to bond with the platform is one of the most common challenges when implementing new technology. There is always the question of whether this is something that the player will find it beneficial and useful.


Solution: These questions can be resolved once you provide more transparency and constant flow of interesting and useful information. Also, it is very important you get supporters who will manage the player and monitor his happiness and preferences  as it is a very valuable ally.


Disruption concerns


Issue: Disruption concerns happen very often as planning and scheduling an implementation of new business technology can affect management as well as players.


Solution: There is no such thing as the “perfect time” as there is always the risk of a potential business disruption.  You just have to make it that disruption as small as possible. Sometimes you will be faced to choose among which disruption should be made a priority. Sometimes it might be upsetting existing players or handing additional work for your team.


Selecting the right platform partner is the key decision


Issue: What to do? Build in-house or pick an outsource software supplier? This is a very important decision that every operator must make, because getting it wrong can cause a long-term damage.


Solution: Do your due diligence when choosing a technology partner. Making the wrong decision is like taking two steps forward and three steps back. When it comes to choosing the right tech partner that will help you achieve your business goals, take a look at our story, where you can find the information that will help you make the right decision.

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