LatAm regulated markets: ready for multidimensional experience

LatAm regulated markets: ready for multidimensional experience


  • Regulations in Latin America igaming market


When someone mentions Latin America usually the first thought that comes to mind to most of the people is football.  Maybe not only football but sports in general which are followed in Latin America with unparalleled passion. But let’s stick to football, which in most countries in Latin America is more of a religion than just a sport. The football and sports lovers in Latin America, loyal to a fault to their favourite teams, are increasingly looking for new ways to entertain themselves. Following the most important international leagues and events, they are a great target for all sports betting operators. This deep involvement in the participation and following of sports combined with the significant increase of internet penetration it is natural to expect lots of potential sports betting and even casino players. Lots of Latin America areas are in the process of or have already regulated their markets and operators are showing growing interest to be among the first to expand their business in such a promising continent. Even though Latin American countries have various local gaming operators on the market, the challenge of grasping what the players prefer leaves a great gap to be filled and the demands of the local players are hardly being met.


  • Offering a multidimensional experience for a diverse market


Even though Latin America is the smallest region when you look at revenues ($4.9 billion in 2017) it remains one of the fastest growing markets. A bit surprisingly, mobile is currently largest segment with $1.9 billion in revenues and with the penetration of internet and smartphone usage a projected growth of over $3 billion by 2018. When you add the current year $1.4 billion in console revenues, you realise that players are ready for a futuristic software that would offer them farsighted innovative features, and operators need to react accordingly and obtain such a software. BtoBet offers Omni-channel, multi-currency, multi-jurisdictions and multi-brand platform. It enables the operators to manage their business content everywhere – that means the players will be able to bet through all mobile and online devices as well as in retail stores, and each offer will not lack the personalization they deserve.

Players, even though participants of a market not yet fully developed, due to the fact that they live in the internet age have certain expectations. This is why a linear boring offer won’t do, because players already expect more, expect to be treated like the players in developed markets are being treated. This leaves even less time to leave a first impression that is going to stick in the mind of your players.


  • How B Neuron helps the operators reach and satisfy their demanding audiences


Omni-channel –  the tool that allows operators to manage the unmanageable. It starts with having control over your gaming and sportsbook content at all times, from land-based to online going through mobile as well. All perfectly interconnected in order to form one compact easy to use entity. Most importantly, it is multi-jurisdictional and compliant with the majority of countries’ requirements, including Latin American countries, regardless of how strict the regulations are. Not only that, B Neuron supports up to 200 types of payment methods in all currencies, making transactions easy and painless, while being safe and secure. The B Neuron platform can be described as the most advanced iGaming and betting platform available in the international market. Developed on an AI foundation, it has adapted to enable the operator to make the right managerial decisions that will lead to the acquisition and retention of bettors and players. B Retail has shown to be the ideal tool for managing the retail market. And not only it manages it, but it is the only product that links it to the potential of online businesses. It represents a bridge between the retail and online world, helping you provide the best of both worlds leading to greater customer satisfaction and retention, making it an ideal helper to win the loyalty of the soon to be a very potent LATAM market.


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