LatAm Region Aims to Become a Driving Force for iGaming

LatAm Region Aims to Become a Driving Force for iGaming

LatAm Region Aims to Become a Driving Force for iGaming

LatAm Region Aims to Become a Driving Force for iGaming Business


The Latin American industry has been attracting a substantial amount of interest during the past few years, with the industry’s rapid growth in the region leading to multi-billion-dollar revenues.


This is a part of the world where passion for sport runs deep, but lottery and casino sites are also experiencing high interest. Part of this rapid growth across LatAm has been fueled by leaps in technology, with mobile gaming becoming an ever-increasing reality and ever more accessible.


Some of the largest current opportunities can be seen in Brazil and Colombia and among the last to join this community is Peru. For operators, the time to prepare is now, as massive audiences of potential players with a clear passion for gaming already exist. The combination of technological reach and a more tailored customer experience, meeting the needs, passions and expectations of Latin American audiences, will lead to great results for the companies which are prepared to compete – and win – in this most exciting of markets.


Peru’s iGaming market is ripe for continued success


With a population of 32 million people, land-based gambling having a strong presence, and a strong interest for the whole gambling context, everything points to Peru following in the footsteps of Colombia which is widely perceived as the principal example for all the Latin American region to follow.


It is a well-known fact that the gaming market in Peru offers predominantly a land-based gaming experience. However online gaming and sports betting legislation may become a reality for the Peruvian market later in the year.


Colombia perceived as the principal example for all the Latin American region to follow


Colombia is certainly not a newcomer, when it comes to the iGaming industry. However, it is only until recently, that the region has been attracting quite a substantial amount of attention. And the keyword to that is regulation. Thanks to Coljuego’s drive to regulate the market and the introduction of the regulatory infrastructure, the future looks bright.


Being considered as one of the most successful economies in South America, Colombia is strongly emerging as a leading iGaming jurisdiction in the region. And even though it is not the most populous country in Latin America, the country boasts a strong internet penetration with well over half the population being internet users.


Mexico – Ready for the online iGaming market


Being LatAm’s second largest smartphone market after Brazil, and with the number of smartphone and internet users constantly rising, the country’s iGaming future is looking bright. With a population of almost 130 million, little needs to be said regarding the opportunity for huge growth in both online and land-based gaming in Mexico.


Although the Mexican market is still not fully regulated, the natives’ love of American sports such as the National Football League, the National Hockey League and Major League Baseball, combined with their fondness for European football, definitely looks promising that this will be a thriving market in the years to come.



BtoBet deepening its business relations in the LatAm region


Throughout these last years, BtoBet has ascertained itself as one of the major technological partners in the Latin American region, partnering with a vast number of major operators in the region, particularly in Mexico and Colombia. Having so many different operators on board, as emphasized by BtoBet’s Chairman Alessandro Fried, is a major advantage as this guarantees that its platforms are not only fully compliant with the regulatory environment, but also guarantees operators to be up and running in a very limited timeframe.


Enabling the operator to know his clients’ preferences and acting on the information acquired to present him with future offers will ultimately strengthen the bond between operator and player. And it is with the tools provided through the platforms that this whole process of acquiring, analyzing, and acting on this wealth of information, that the operator is able to provide a tailor-made offer ultimately keeping in mind the player’s experience.

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