Episode 1: Embracing the benefits of uberization

Embracing the benefits of uberization

Episode 1: Embracing the benefits of uberization


We are starting a new series of articles on the topic “The Uberization and Glocalization of iGaming”, that will cover the concept of uberization of the iGaming industry. This article explores the development of the technological aspect of the industry and the benefits of uberization.


“The concept of ‘uberization’ has taken the general meaning of disrupting any industry through the use of technology to circumvent unnecessary bureaucracy and legislation.” – David Glance, Director of UWA Centre for Software Practice, University of Western Australia


We are witnessing a major evolution of technology that is constantly changing our lives and altering the way we communicate, work, exercise, eat, read, play, and more. Every industry is somehow affected by the rapid development and advances in technology, including healthcare, transportation, housing, lodging, and more.



The fall behind of the iGaming industry


Whilst many industries were pursuing new technological solutions and innovations which opened a range of possibilities for success, strangely enough, the iGaming industry has been falling behind for a long time. The industry has witnessed a technological impasse, which has impeded innovative solutions from coming to light.


However, now the time for the iGaming industry has finally come with operators starting to embrace and adopt and seek technological innovations to reward a better player experience.


“The reality is that nowadays those operators who made use of inflexible in-house technological solutions are operating in a market that is driven by totally different criteria from the one they were used to”, stated Sabrina Soldà, BtoBet’s Chief Marketing Officer.


The technological evolution is seen as beneficial for different iGaming and sports betting markets which are characterized by different player preferences, different payment methods, different technological requisites, and different regulatory frameworks.


The first example of uberization in the iGaming industry


BtoBet’s  White Label Certification Program BtoBet is the first real example of how the company intends to uberize the iGaming industry, with operators now having access to a simplified version of the company’s advanced sports betting and gaming solutions no matter the market or size of their operations.


To learn more, download the latest industry report “Uberizing iGaming with a glocal approach”.


In the meantime, stay tuned for the second episode which will circle around the use of third-party platforms.

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