BtoBet bets on Intelligent Mobile

Mobile platforms and the betting industry have become an increasingly inseparable duo. The widespread popularity of smartphones and tablets is no longer a new phenomenon affecting the younger generation, but it is also a strong presence among more mature users. In short, it is an unstoppable tool further facilitated by an unprecedented availability of WI-FI networks.


The betting industry has naturally not been indifferent to this development, and 2015 data is a reflection of this trend which has seen the use of these technological devices become widespread in most European countries – so much so that over 23% of end users bet via mobile devices. Predictions based on this data show that in 2018 over 160 million gamblers in the world will use a mobile device to bet.




There is no doubt that the growth of web-based online gaming initially encouraged the use of mobile, considered a valid and perhaps more convenient alternative to desktop websites. Another phase has arisen in which the actors (web and mobile) remain constant, but with rules reversed. Mobile has become the primary actor as a direct result of the immediacy offered, particularly in comparison to the traditional desktop approach; the implication here is that the growth of iGaming therefore stands to gain even more from the increased utilization of smartphones.


BtoBet is living this new reality, investing in the continuous development of an omnichannel platform that allows operators to deliver the right product at the ideal time for every single customer.


The current line adopted by many is essentially product-centric; while such an approach focuses on the quantity and the richness of the product, the overall user experience can potentially suffer as a result of endless scrolling through pages of a site or entering a store only to be confronted by an overwhelming number of events associated with an equally large number of betting models or patterns.



BtoBet, however, approaches the mobile experience with a highly innovative attitude based on the Artificial Intelligence that characterizes all products and services made available to its operators. The AI system understands user behavior, analyzes it, and creates a focused and far more dynamic offer. This approach means that players enjoy a more tailored betting experience as opposed to continuously scrolling through a near-infinite number of items which, for the most part, are not to the user’s taste.


Through this refined AI-based system, the bettor is met with a more convenient product and should feel far more comfortable to play. That more inviting setup certainly creates a betting opportunity that would otherwise be lost with an older, slightly outdated approach, thereby also increasing the frequency of bets made.



The invitation to bet on what you like and the quick update of markets and proposals are factors that integrate perfectly into the mobile logic and expectations of the user.


Being a part of the mobile network allows those providing a service to follow you (Geo-location via GPS). Like an app that can suggests the best restaurant nearby, the operator can similarly suggest a bet on a match that the end-user is following at the stadium itself. BtoBet is working in the present while building for the future – one that does not see conflict between mobile and Retail Outlets, but rather sees integration. Communication towards mobile users becomes an instrument for agencies to retain bettors. Once out of the room, the connection to the user is maintained and players can keep in touch with special offers to be enjoyed only in-Agency. It is the same smart phone that becomes a tool to communicate with the shop, perhaps creating, in advance, a game (via app) and creating a QR code or simple code to be read by special instruments designed for use at each agency’s point of sale.


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