How can AI help Operators Attract and Keep their Players?

How-can-AI-help-operators-attract-and-keep- their-players

How-can-AI-help-operators-attract-and-keep- their-players

How can AI help Operators Attract and Keep their Players?


The concept of “artificial intelligence” is extensively used in various spheres of modern life, especially those related to computer and Internet technologies. What it is and how it can be applied to the iGaming industry – all these questions were answered in our story about the influence of AI on the world of iGaming.


It’s a fact that the iGaming industry has proved to rapidly adapt to emerging trends of the consumer world. This is why it comes as no surprise that such an innovative trend as artificial intelligence will impact this industry.



Why is AI so important for the iGaming industry?


AI can be used to determine player’s behavior. This would enable sites to better anticipate players’ needs and figure out what drives them to play, quit, or change games the most. Advanced bots can also access and analyze knowledge about a player’s specific playing habits. This helps operators rely heavily on AI to analyze data and predict the outcomes and manage their day to day operations.


Can operators really benefit from using AI?


iGaming operators will benefit from using AI not just in preventing their systems from being manipulated but by also being in a better position to track player behavior, analyze player data and categorize player preferences.


This data will be critical to iGaming operators in helping them determine what their players are currently interested in, getting deeper into their iGaming pet peeves, likes and dislikes with each casino game. The data analysis and machine learning that AI will provide to iGaming operators will assist them in customizing their iGaming portfolio and offering players a better and safer online gaming experience.


BtoBet, has previously presented its innovative AI platform for online casinos and sportsbooks. In a very short time, the software was tested on the global gambling market and proved to be highly effectual. The AI software platform tracks player’s actions and react to them, identifying potential needs of the user. It is one of the most important tools of customer retention technique.


The platform responds to the player’s behavior in various environments and systems: social networks, mobile applications, etc. By doing so, it is getting easier to meet the needs of the most capricious online casino visitors quickly and efficiently, subsequently increasing online gambling popularity.


How does AI enhance the player experience?


The real innovations when it comes to Artificial Intelligence is the customizability of the product that operators eventually provide to their players. Through the assimilation of a huge quantity of data, operators ‘get to know’ their players in a more direct way. They will get to know their players’ preferences and based on this data they can eventually inform them of any future offers that may be of particular interest to them. All in all, they will not only be gaining their attention but ultimately their trust and loyalty to their brand.


How can AI be beneficial in terms of attracting players?


Without the advancement of Artificial Intelligence operators would not be able to adapt their content on an individual level and thus appeal to all the players. Let alone implementing automatic cross-selling strategies on all different channels – retail, online and mobile.


And with players constantly shifting from the retail side of the business to the online and mobile, operators are continuously pushed further to deliver the best betting/gaming experience possible, through a totally personalized front-end, to any single player. This wouldn’t be possible without the introduction of such a disruptive technology.


In terms of the iGaming industry, Artificial Intelligence is here to stay. Not only can operators increase the reach and popularity of online gambling through the integration of AI, but it could serve as a tool which would in turn guarantee better gambling opportunities for the players themselves.


For deeper knowledge, download our latest Industry report: AI the present and the future of iGaming

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