With a population reaching well into the 600 million mark, there is no wonder why the Latin American region is generating such a big interest from operators. And with the prospect of the further introduction of a regulatory framework from a number of countries and a deep passion to anything related to sports, the region quickly transforms itself into the perfect concoction for any sportsbook operation.


However, as is clearly indicated in BtoBet’s latest Industry Report “LatAm: A Sportsbook Opportunity Characterized by Diversity”, the region also has diversity at its core, with player preferences varying from one country to another.


As stated in his insight, BtoBet’s Chairman Alessandro Fried is of the opinion that adopting a one-size-fits-all approach to the region is simply not an option. “If one were to contrast the sports preferences in Mexico and Brazil, the results can’t be any more contrasting than they are. Whereas in Mexico there is a big interest in the American sports scene, the Brazilian scene is totally different, with football and other local sports generating the greater interests.” He further added that for any sportsbook operation to truly succeed in LatAm, the operator must have a strong understanding of the player preferences in terms of the sports they focus on and the markets they follow. “But this all amounts to nothing without the proper information regarding the dynamic regulatory environment that characterizes the region, and which has transformed the whole region into such an interesting scenario for the operators to undertake,” added Fried.


BtoBet will be travelling to London to participate in the “Betting on Sports” conference that is going to be held at Olympia from the 18th till the 21st September, where operators will have the opportunity to meet with our team of experts to better understand how the Neuron Sports platform could best suite their sports betting operations. Schedule a meeting by contacting or by calling on +356 27135974.


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