BtoBet discusses its Road Show experience in fertile gambling markets like Ghana and Kenya

From the 18th to the 21st of July, in the second Annual Sports Betting West Africa Summit – in Accra, Ghana and during the Road show in Nairobi, Kenya – BtoBet met dozens of operators from different parts of the country who displayed massive interest in the company’s exclusive omnichannel Gaming platform demos.


During the Summit in Accra, authorities agreed that there is an urgent need for stronger compliance and regulatory requirements to fuel the rapid development of the local gaming industry. At the same time, regulators stated their commitment to strengthen a favorable environment, to formulate licensing policies to ensure stability and protection of all stakeholders’ interest in Ghana, Kenya and in other areas of the continent.


In his presentation, the Commissioner of Gaming Commission-Ghana, Mr. Emmanuel Siisi Quainoo, said:

“Ghana is fertile and stable for industries, and the sports betting industry is far ahead. We welcome every entrepreneur to come and invest in our country”.



But what do Operators need to keep up with growing mobile and online betting in Africa?


Commenting on the company’s Road Show success in Accra and Nairobi, BtoBet’s CMO, Sabrina Solda, said:


“The thriving mobile and online market in Africa has pushed industry operators to find advanced platforms that enable them to fit their players/bettors expectations, while betting through multiple devices. During BtoBet’s exclusive demos in Ghana and Kenya, we met a number of African operators interested in our intelligent platform, B Neuron and Sportsbook, and I’m very glad to confirm that we have exceeded a lot of expectations. Operators had the opportunity to see how they can deliver a revolutionary integrated customer experience across all shopping channels through BtoBet’s software. How? Embracing people, technology, process and external partners through a clever omnichannel solution.”

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