World Cup 2018: What Operators Need to Do to Keep Players Satisfied?

World Cup 2018 What Operators Need to Do to Keep Players Satisfied

World Cup 2018 What Operators Need to Do to Keep Players Satisfied

World Cup 2018: What Operators Need to Do to Keep Players Satisfied?


Without any form of doubt the World Cup is the biggest sporting event of the most popular sports betting product – football. The demand for betting on the World Cup event reaches new highs every four years, as the popularity and ease of betting grows exponentially.


Players are spread between recreational players wanting to place a bet on their home team, to professional punters looking at an event where matches could have many predictable outcomes. One thing to be clearly highlighted during the World Cup event regardless of the tournament’s outcome is the need for a solid sports betting product. If operators don’t have it they will see their players place their betting somewhere else.


So variety emerges as being a fundamental element for the whole betting industry during these next weeks of football bonanza with players carefully choosing where to place their bets basing their decision on the diversity of the bets at their disposal.


Players will eventually go where the betting variety is the biggest


As with any event of this magnitude operators will be presented with several challenges. However, there are determinate key areas that operators must address to ensure an optimal experience for the player, and to be in the best possible position to take advantage of the opportunities that the World Cup presents. First and foremost, operators must ensure that they have the right infrastructure and technology in place. Having at their disposal the right technology also ensures the operations to cope and manage the sheer volume that this greatest sporting event is expected to generate.


Provide the right and most adequate content to reap the benefits


Variety is key, and every aspect of every pre-match and in-play market must be covered as to permit the maximum coverage across key markets. The variety of the content itself will differentiate the product, whilst ensuring the potential to stand out from the rival competition. All this whilst serving as the perfect basis for operators to also focus not just on their acquisitive strategies but more importantly on their retention strategies.


BtoBet’s Director of the Sports Department, Davide Ruggeri view on World Cup 2018


Davide Ruggeri indicated that the World Cup is every bookmaker’s dream, bringing about a wide spectrum of players, and even involving people who are not considered to fall under the standard term of “gamblers”. Focusing on the interest that this manifestation generates, Ruggeri stated that “eventually this also has a direct impact on the operations themselves, with the revenue potentially increasing by 200%”. And it is this element of interest that presents operators with a massive opportunity to implement strategies aimed at the acquisition of new players, whilst also focusing on retaining their current fold of punters.


Analyzing the way in which the player has evolved, Ruggeri stated that it is important for operators to retain players and minimize the urge of the so called “bonus hunters” to jump from one bookmaker to the other. “This new phenomenon of gamblers do not place high amounts of bets, and with the right strategy, such as the implementation of a bonus campaign split in a number of free bets, the activity of the new players is apportioned along the World Cup period whilst creating a natural concept of fidelity on their behalf.


Ruggeri shared his view that this differs greatly from the element of odds pushing, “because odds are already extremely pushed on a variety of similar events by all bookmakers”.


BtoBet has released an Industry Report focusing on the need for a solid sports betting product and which key factors operators need to address in order to keep their players coming back. For deeper knowledge, download the full document: World Cup 2018: Risks, challenges, and opportunities for operators

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