When Artificial Intelligence meets the iGaming market, businesses reach a new dimension. Do you know why?

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When Artificial Intelligence meets the iGaming market, businesses reach a new dimension. Do you know why?

Recent research declares that a mature platform offers a higher level of flexibility and analytics that includes segmentation, automation and personalisation; creating a meaningful experience to attract users to play. But how that can be achieved?


Artificial intelligence is the key: where algorithms improve the system’s intelligence by boosting the performance of operators’ businesses and increasing profits.


BtoBet’s CEO Alessandro Fried highlighted:


“I firmly believe that Gaming Intelligence is essential for the iGaming industry. A clever gaming intelligence solution is capable of anticipating the player’s behaviour by analysing it deeply through the algorithm of rules, leading the operator to automate all his operations, helping him save on time and costs.”



What are the 7 relevant benefits of Gaming Intelligence?


  1. A Performing Player Dashboard

A clever platform studies gaming activity, providing a huge amount of key information such as the players’ level of happiness, the types of players (e.g. if they are VIP), and what type of segment they belong to. Licensees can independently access all this data by using a single and customisable screen to easily build their strategies and diversify the actions of different types of users. The player activity geo-localisation enables the operator to run intelligent and targeted marketing campaigns.


  1. A Dynamic Segmentation

Through a thinking-dynamic segmentation, gamers are grouped according to their behaviour, demographics and other customisable criteria, giving operators the power to create deep targeted game recommendations and ad-hoc marketing campaigns.


  1. Disciplined Budgeting and Risk Exposure

Financial risks can be under control with a detailed budgeting system. AI measures the exposure for all the single bonus campaigns to avoid bonus abusers. The platform also automatically applies a pre-built costs profile based on the segmentation of each player to reduce any operational costs.


  1. Effective Marketing Campaigns

Through the algorithm of rules, the operator can easily create specific promotional activities which are completely vertical and automatic for user type, player segment or gaming content. AI makes the operator’s campaign more effective through a highly advanced player-targeting and dynamic filter system that identifies possible recipients of bonuses according to their behaviour.


  1. Automatic and Flexible Reporting

A dynamic reporting system provides the operator with a wide range of automatic and customisable reports. By adjusting the rules to their advantage, operators are always updated with critical information to lead the business strategy at its best.


  1. An Ingenious System for Acquisition and Retention

A performing Bonus system is designed to allow constant offering of attractive incentive to the players that are appealed to join the community at a constant basis. Once registered, they are followed through and as they progress in gameplay and depositing, the system provides the possibility of awarding more attractive bonuses and promotions which retain the most valuable players at the platform.


  1. Powerful Churn Management of Players

Corrective actions are enabled in terms of providing incentives to the players that are not satisfied with any of the services offered. Discovering the unhappy player at an early stage and determining the source of the problem is the bottom line for providing a value added service to end users.


Nowadays, with the improvement of technology and software being applied to big data analytics, the possibility of predicting users’ behaviour and players’ actions is a reality.


Gaming Intelligence brings business to another dimension within the iGaming industry, by always taking into consideration the needs of operators and players, gathering users’ data for strategy, improving products, retaining key players, and increasing opportunities for monetisation. Adopting efficient gaming intelligence and reporting systems is vital for businesses to stay competitive and ahead in the gambling market.


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