What are today’s players like?

A market of well-informed players


What changed with the internet, social media and the mobile devices? Well, information tends to speed up every few years. For instance, it travels a lot faster these days than it did in the pre-smartphone age, let alone before that. Statistics show that 33% of the GGY (Gross Gambling Yield) of Great Britain belongs to the online sector. A number which is rising rapidly because of the fact that up to 4% of Millennials, a generation most likely to gamble online, are active gamblers and up to 21% of them consider gambling to be important to them. A number which was 10.6% in 2008, and rose mostly because of the online gambling and betting channels available to the millennials, which they can relate to.  Social media is the tool players nowadays can use to spread information faster than anything could be spread before. This does not necessarily have to be negative information about a brand, however players today are smarter and better informed than ever before.







Expectations of the players grow, bit by bit.


We less often have players who do not know what they want, however we have more and more players that are hyper informed. Before taking their money to you, they know your upsides and your downsides, sometimes through right information, sometimes through misinformation, which is why today, controlling the information that circulates about your brand is more important than ever! There is so much information out there that the expectations of the average players have risen, since both positive and negative information travels faster than ever. Players expect to be treated exactly like someone they read about had been treated before them, and even though that was what seemed to be a one-time gesture of good will, it spread so fast and so wide that the expectations of the players grew that one day they will be treated the same way. You can’t fight the influence social media and the spread of information has on your players, but with some effort you can guide it to your advantage.


Grasp the omnichannel experience!


What has changed besides having well informed players? Well the main thing that changed with technology is the personalization of your service the players expect from you. This is where the omnichannel once again comes into the picture. No matter which point of view you look at it, the omnichannel is a must, and an inevitable upgrade for you to implement in order to keep today’s players satisfied. In today’s world people expect more even when they go to a local market to shop for food, let alone when they go to gamble or bet their money. That is why operators need to realise that it is no longer only important to give better odds, but to give a better personalized bettor’s experience so their player feels both special and satisfied because they will predict what their players want and offer it to them regardless of the betting channel they chose to use this time. Bettors are expecting real time personalized interaction equal throughout all channels which is why a true omnichannel experience is vital. Helping the bettors make smart decisions through offering detailed information will gain the trust of the players benefiting your brand greatly. Through a suitable platform, you can manage player data between retail online and mobile channels.


Communicate the way they do

It is evident that you have to adapt in order to grasp the new generation of players and bettors. Their world can bring its wallet power to you, or to someone else, depending on how you serve them. No one can or should afford to lose such a big, specific and interesting market audience.


Technology has played a crucial role in the advancement of sports betting, and millennials tend to adapt to it faster than older generations. Betting from phones or tablets has become crucial nowadays and it is certainly a must for the younger generation. Offering new side bets and exciting games is the way to appeal to the millennial audience with unique and seamless experiences.


 Numerous studies have identified that millennials prefer playing and betting particularly when an element of skill is required and when they feel like they can beat the system. Also land-based shops should consider diversifying their offer; not just their gambling options, but also creating a comfortable and entertaining atmosphere where they can meet with their peers; for example, digital and interactive zones with Wi-Fi and phone charging facilities that make the environment more attractive and fun for this particular demographic.






Sometimes you need to offer what even the players don’t know they want


To meet your players’ needs, you need to anticipate their desires by acquiring data about their behaviour and automatically suggesting the bets and games that can be to their interest. Gaming and betting scenarios are dynamic, always evolving and changing and operators need assistance in the form of software to anticipate the player’s desires by suggesting the bets and games that can attract the interest of the player and increase his loyalty to the brand, all provided by the analysis of their behaviour.


The advanced technology and artificial intelligence allows you to register users, monitor their behaviour and verify their preferences to provide them with the ultimate personalized player experience.  The intelligent recommendation engine can personalize the gaming offer according to each individual player’s needs and requirements, giving them a truly personalized gaming experience.  The clever omnichannel platform can track the player on all channels, to provide you cross channel data analysis tools and give you the possibility to improve player retention strategies and cross channel services. The opportunity to choose what players want and how they want it, invariably lead to an increase in customer loyalty.

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