Where does uniqueness fit into the online gambling operations?


Where does uniqueness fit into the online gambling operations?


We believe that building a strong and unique betting brand requires exclusivity of offers and an identity that presents special values. And this can be achieved through the adoption of technology which allows scalability and compliance with any jurisdiction and business model.


In one of our posts on overcoming barriers to innovation, we’ve underlined that in order to distinguish yourself from the crowd and blossom in a competitive market, you need to constantly innovate and improve. If you are not investing in technology on regular basis, you risk falling behind the competition.


This being said, the priority for gambling operators is to differentiate brand offering from their competitors. The question remains: what strategies should iGaming operators and bookmakers be adopting to make their brand unique?


Before we go on and talk about how to find uniqueness for your brand, let’s see why brands need to be unique in the first place.


What does it mean to be unique?


1. Unique means to be different. And difference is what people notice. Being the same like everybody else hardly attracts attention.
2. If something is not unique, people can get it elsewhere. Just that simple. And that means competing on the bonuses or odds rates. Simply because players will compare you and another company, and if they won’t find attractive and unique argument, they will opt just for the best promotions.
3. All strong brands are unique by that meaning they have no substitute. You may not like some of them, but you cannot deny that they are unique and that they attract particular kind of customers. You may hate Harley-Davidson but many people have tattoos with their logo. Honda may make fine choppers too, but somehow people love Harley. Why betting industry should be different? When people see you as unique and are attracted to you, promotions are no longer an issue.
4. Brands are all about having a personality to develop relationships with your players. And personality is always unique by definition. There are no two similar personalities.


What makes a brand unique?


According to our CMO Sabrina Solda, the real uniqueness of a brand is the combination of three factors:


• authentic value and character of a product
• consumer insight (needs, wants, problems)
• what competitors yet not offer


“Branding is not meant for creating unique brands — it’s meant for creating powerful, magnetic personalities customers love. But in order to do so you need a clear vision of what need to be fixed in the current mechanism so that it starts working like a charm.”


Where does uniqueness fit into the online gambling business?


Having a unique and exclusive product or offer on the market gives you the possibility to personalize and manage the business autonomously, with your own strategy, without technology constraints or without the typical limits of the fully managed platforms.


• Having and maintaining an exclusive strong identity of your brand
• Differentiating from any competitors
• Anticipating the business requirements
• Having exclusive operations via unique offers, as gaming and/or sportsbook content, and exclusive customized front-end
• Counting on ongoing updating products, staying always open to limitless personalization in terms of content, look and risk management
• Offering a unique style and design
• Proposing an engaging experience through all the selling channels
• Presenting a customized product offer to your players, according to their personal expectations and preferences


Because brand is a promise made and kept and you have to be truly passionate about something to deliver it outstandingly well and without compromises! The key role played by technology in the sports betting and iGaming industry – to keep operators’ products in line with the trends and, ultimately, consumer expectations – is undeniable. For this reason, bookmakers and operators must understand its evolution and adopt new technology to achieve competitive advantage!


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