THE WORLD CUP: Heightening player engagement post-tournament

The World Cup


A first-time in the Middle East and the first-time ever to take place during the winter. Fact is the World Cup is upon us. But the question is what unique possibilities will it open for bookmakers?

This year’s edition of football’s most prestigious global occurrence will be taking place during a rather busy period when it comes to sports events. Besides all the leagues being at their peak, the ongoing domestic cups, European leagues and high frequency of sports events and competitions in general, with the addition of the World Cup to the schedule, this landscape looks auspicious to be generating all-time high betting volumes.

This density of the sports calendar translates into a real opportunity for bookmakers to acquire and retain players and keep the same behavior and betting pattern even beyond the tournament’s 28 days timeframe.

The regular holding of the ATP Finals in Turin and Formula 1’s omega in Abu Dhabi just a few hours prior the official Qatar 2022 kick-off, and domestic football leagues resuming just a handful of days after the Final takes place indicates what a tightly packed sports events bookmakers have at their disposal to leverage player acquisition and maintain a high level of engagement in the post tournament time window. Especially when considering the unique cross-selling opportunities at hand.

One has to keep in mind that by providing their players with a similar product and offering post-tournament bookmakers will seek to maintain the same player behaviour and pattern even beyond the 28 day tournament window during which the World Cup will take place.

Ultimately, bookmakers are set to maximise the record turnover that this year’s World Cup is expected to generate. To do this they need to ensure they have ticked all the boxes in the buildup to what is considered as one of the biggest sporting events to take place. A broad pre-match and in-play offering, bet recommendation engines, bet builders, and special bets are a must. Check out our latest blog on this.

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