The retail side of the business as the strongest factor for LatAm operators

The - retail - side of - the business - as the strongest -factor - for LatAm - operators-

The - retail - side of - the business - as the strongest -factor - for LatAm - operatorsThe retail side of the business as the strongest factor for LatAm operators



The Latin American industry has been generating a substantial amount of interest during the past few years, with the industry’s rapid growth in the region leading to multi-billion-dollar revenues.


As is clearly the case in certain countries in the region, the retail side of the business is a very strong factor that sportsbook operators must also consider. Peru is a case in point in these regards, with the country up until now offering predominantly a land-based gaming experience.


New law related to sports betting and online gaming that will be presented by the Peruvian gaming authority


We already spoke about Peru in our interview with Ruben Solorzano, Managing Director at Affiliated Marketing Group (AMG), organizers of the Peru Gaming show, regarding the interesting scenario that is evolving in Peru. Like he said, we should consider the fact that once the proposed new law related to sports betting and online gaming is introduced by the Peruvian gaming authority, the regular customers will feel more confident, mainly due to the fact operators are being supervised. Players will be reassured that their benefits will be respected.


Omnichannel for better user experience


Offers and suggestions are ultimately filtered accordingly through the databank of information

that the system would have generated by analyzing the player’s behavior – whether through the mobile, desktop or retail channel – thus providing the player with a more holistic betting experience.


However, the regulation of the online side of the business does not preclude sportsbook operators to also be successful on the retail channel. The best platforms, with the cashier assisted bets system, must enable player data collection from the shops themselves, thus ensuring an optimal player experience whatever the channel used.


How to choose Best platforms for your multichannel offers

The best able sportsbook platform ensures that bookmakers are able to formulate multichannel offers by:

  • Collecting data from players/bettors when he is on the site (as his age, his preferred teams, his preferred bets and events, etc.)
  • Collecting data also in shops through the cashier assisted bets system
  • Analyzing the data and player behaviors and categorizing players by their similarities
  • Automating offers that are tailored to the interest of each individual player segment


In summary, many experts consider the Latin American region to be the next big thing for the iGaming

industry. And with the prospect of countries within the region working to adopt a stable legal framework that acts as a safeguard for the substantial investments made by operators whilst also ensuring the players’ interest, this is a milestone not to be disregarded.


Diversity plays a central role, with player sports preferences and betting interests varying from one country to the other. This coupled with an ever-evolving regulatory scenario entails for a deep knowledge of all the prerequisites necessary for operators to operate in the region.


However, there is no doubting the potential that the region keeps in hold for operators, especially in sports betting terms. With the prospect of more countries introducing strong regulatory frameworks there is no doubt that the future of the Latin American online gambling industry looks very intriguing for everyone.


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