The link between technology and player satisfaction – do you have it?


The link between technology and player satisfaction – do you have it?




It seems that almost without exception, every aspect of our lives is entirely different than it was for our parents, let alone our grandparents. The only reason for it is technology since we are not evolving as fast to blame it on Darwin. With our lives and the different attitude and actions we take towards the completion of our daily tasks and activities, our behaviour and reactions are dramatically changing. Over its evolution, it made every aspect of our lives much easier than it was, and it made information available at the palm of our hands. The benefits are part of the problem. Because everything has been made easier by technology, we now rely much more on technology than ourselves. The second and bigger problem is the availability of too much information, or rather the inability to filter the right information. Technology brought us the internet, desktops, laptops, smartphones, and now we can access all the information that we need and are of interest to us. However, it also brought us social media and internet marketing and made them so popular that now we are so overwhelmed by too much information, not necessarily information we even like or want to know. Now, due to this inability to filter the right information and various marketing tools, the attention span for humans has dropped to an unbelievable low of 8 seconds. Not only it has dropped, but there is no hope its deterioration will stop, and we have technology to ‘thank’ for it.  However, in technology’s defence, it did have good intentions.


How has this affected the world of betting?


The same way it did everything else, very, very drastically. We used to have only retail bet-shops, now we have loads of different channels to bet through. With the rise of the internet, it was obvious that lots of people would opt out for the more convenient way of betting from the comfort of their homes. With the rise of smartphones, mobile betting became an even bigger hit. And not only did the channels of betting evolve, but the bets did as well. The in-play betting, for instance, we talked about in our latest blog post is a result of that evolution.

The players like the control they are getting and the power they feel with in-play betting, however, like everything else, it still has its glitches. One of them is the overwhelming amount of bets and in-play bets available to players on the go. While this may not sound like a big problem when searching for a desired bet when you have a few minutes or even seconds to make a bet, every second counts. However, technology is not stopping there, and while it may seem to be hard to find a solution for the overwhelming amount of data we receive through social media in the world of betting things seem to be going much better.




While analysing and filtering the information we receive through all the sources is impossible, betting has an advantage. Through the use of omnichannel software available to operators, information can be collected on players regardless of which channel they use to place bets. Due to the nature of the software, not only is information collected but can also be analysed and used to improve player satisfaction by personalising what they receive as an offer. This is the solution to the problem called ‘overwhelming amount of bets’. This is achieved by platforms like BtoBet’s B Neuron which is so advanced that besides making it very convenient for players to deposit money and make bets, and for operators to follow their players, it can also predict what players want. The platform analyses the data it receives, and because of the fact that it is an AI based software through the Recommendation Engine it can, extremely successfully, predict what players are interested in and present it to them in their most desirable manner, based on the channel of betting they are using at the moment, in order to maximise their level of playmaking both parties satisfied.


While the question of the direction of which technology is heading can’t be answered with absolute certainty we can all agree that it seems to keeps advancing at an incredible pace. That is why keeping up with is incredibly important because the benefits it brings are far too great to be ignored. And since your players are not ignoring it, you should not lose their loyalty because you failed to reach their expectations.


To keep up the pace of the technology advancing, you should keep yourself updated with the lasted industry innovations. Read more in the White Paper: Industry report – CHANGE FOR THE BETTOR. THE NEW LANDSCAPE FOR BETTING ON FOOTBALL.

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