How to satisfy your mobile players? Listen, understand, anticipate!





How to satisfy your mobile players? Listen, understand, anticipate!


What do mobile users like and expect?


How come mobile is becoming such a dominant stream of iGaming and sports betting? What do mobile users mostly like? Well, for starters, mobile users are usually very curious, always exploring the brand they are engaging with, and exploring the brands’ offers whenever they wish to. They are looking for appealing and attractive visual content. They usually like to compare the options they have from multiple sources and they always check out trusted reviews helping them get to a decision.


As a consequence of these facts, operators must be ready to shape their products following the customers’ expectations and satisfy their needs. Players appreciate when receiving the right message and proposal in line with their gambling wishes and preferences. However, brands continue to have awkward conversations with them!


Improving your communications with your mobile players


Using the right tools and tactics, and knowing the right information in order to improve your communication towards mobile players can help you get in gear sooner.


  • Following the social trends


The internet is becoming a parallel universe of its own, a new world full of people and opportunities. This retrospectively leads to socializing in this separate universe. An astonishing number of nearly 75% of all internet users are active on social media today, and through its channels today they are sharing opinions, ideas, thoughts, reviews and pieces of their lives becoming quite important opinion makers. As a result, consumer creation and sharing of product-related photographs are skyrocketing as more than 100 million photos are being posted to Instagram and Twitter each day!


  • The importance of the visual


As digital users are attracted by images, gambling brands are facing a new opportunity to connect with clients through a more visual and emotional method. Brands must integrate social photographs and nice visual products into the marketing mix to remain relevant and achieve a marketing presence.


  • Touchpoint, a valuable opportunity for interaction


In every journey a customer has with your brand, regardless if it is a digital enterprise or a bricks-and-mortar branch, the customers experience brands through numerous touchpoints. Each touchpoint presents a valuable opportunity to interact with those customers and carefully listen to what they have to say.


From betting shops offering countless of potential bets and games through desktop, mobile or retail, the journey needs to be seamless with a branding strategy that enables players to participate in the bets they enjoy in each environment.


Players know more about product or service and have more information on how to improve, enhance or expand it, than ever before. Betting and gaming customers are your most vital resource for understanding which bets and games are popular, when and where. A system that is attuned to this customer feedback and tailored to their needs and wants will be able to provide additional bets and games to the satisfied players.


The importance of truly understanding your players


Everyone listens, but the key is understanding!  In the iGaming industry, understanding where, when and why a bet was made is just as important to your business as knowing what the bet is.


Where’s is the last place your visitors stop, when or why? Analytics can tell you which pages have high abandonment rates. But, can you easily find out why? To find out the answers to these questions you need to have a full set of information about your players, their age, country language, past behaviours, their channel and game preferences etc. These are fundamental aspects to consider to shape and inform future offers. They are essential tips to bear in mind to gain the clients’ attention, trust and ultimately their loyalty.


The essence of digital transformation in the iGaming and sports betting industry is an evolution of the player-bettor’s experience following the trends and providing unprecedented offers thanks to advanced technology that can help operators to predict what players like next.


Operators need to be agile and constantly learning, with the ability to recognize rapidly changing trends and a willingness to adapt their businesses alongside them. This includes adopting promising new technologies, embracing the partnership opportunities, displaying fresh and innovative concepts for engaging and interacting with both the suppliers and the player.


Trustful iGaming and Sports betting software providers must be able to tally support operators, providing what they need.  That is why that finding a trustworthy partner is ultimately the most important task the operators are facing.

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