Recommendation engine: give your players what they want

Recommendation engine applied in iGaming industry



Having even the best marketing strategy in the world, able to find and bring the best players on your website needs help in keeping them there. Once they are there, regardless of the quality of your offers, there is still something missing in order to ensure greater loyalty and greater customer satisfaction. This is where the recommendation engine steps in, helping you bring your profits up by 30% and leaving 73% of your players satisfied far more because of the personalized experience they are getting from it. We already discussed the importance and impact the omnichannel offer has on the customer satisfaction, and bringing the recommendation engine in the picture, finally completes the totally seamless experience your users will be getting. Because of the dynamics of the industry, it is very important to anticipate the player’s desires by suggesting bets and games that can attract the interest of the player and increase his loyalty. This is why all the data collected through the omnichannel platform needs to be analysed so the recommendation engine is able to present the player with the sports events and games he is more interested in, offering him a great and totally personalized service. This is a solution that is offering a compelling experience to the player and makes him feeling special through personalized offers, that shows tailored products’ offer and give better options to players, deserve a secure success for all the operators. Products with better features encourage players and bettors to spend more and increase the average spending value.





Recommendation engine applied for casinos and games



In the casinos and games world players are offered 2000+ of different games. It is clear that customers need a little nudge in the right direction, so they can focus more on playing and less on searching for what they want. This is where BtoBet’s platform comes into play. Once the platform, which is extremely easy to integrate with the supplier’s iGaming offer is integrated, its Artificial Intelligence takes over and in no time the recommendation engine comes up with offers that are more feasible and easier to handle, increasing the opportunities for growth.


Recommendation engine applied for bets and betting



It is quite similar when it comes to the bets and sportsbook industry, where a wide range of sports, events and bet offers need to be offered to the right players at the right time. This is why using this innovative technology and the platform set up through it will allow bet shops to offer personalized bonuses. Defining dynamically the targeted segment of the bonus, deciding the modality of the bonus assigned and which event bonuses will be used on.





BtoBet’s Combined recommendation engine



BtoBet is the first company in the industry providing both Casino-Games and Sports betting recommendation engine, which results can be combined and used to give unique experience to the players. Based on the algorithm used, the recommendation engines can be divided to collaborative filtering and content-based filtering. However, BtoBet’s B Neuron System is a Hybrid Recommendation System, which engine can provide more accurate recommendations than the pure approaches. It is based on both content and collaborative methods and it is extremely useful to overcome some of the common problems in recommendation systems such as cold start and the sparsity issues.





Games, bets and odds recommendations via push notification



With the mobile application that BtoBet deliver to its clients, they can fully customize and tailor the communication towards their players. With the advanced segmentation and recommendation engine available on the platform, the operators can send the right message at the exact time, to a specific player or segment of players. Additionally, the BtoBet platform can be set to send push notification, which can be geo-localized and communicate to the player different information or promotions in relation to his location. By sending the recommendation of games and bets in the form of push notification, the player can take instant action and react upon the notification with just a few clicks. The recommendation engine in combination with the push notifications, helps increase the players’ engagement and make them feeling special.



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After having exposed its A.I. dedicated to the operators last year, BtoBet has focused on the A.I. devoted to players to fulfil their user gaming experience. For this purpose, BetoBet has started a new original campaign concerning its advanced iGaming and Sportsbook software, centred on the player needs and satisfaction, that will be displayed in London during the forthcoming edition of ICE Totally Gaming next 7th -9th February 2017. Recent Gaming conferences worldwide have confirmed the relevance of solutions that are orientated towards the satisfaction of the final user. For this reason, the interactions with customers – through mobile, desktop, social platforms or physical spaces – have become crucial to provide a valuable insight into user behaviour and his preferences, which are fundamental to understanding the target customers and to better meet their demands.


BtoBet’s CMO, Sabrina Soldá confirmed: “Having the player at the centre, independent of the channel he uses has become fundamental for licensees nowadays. They need all data sources integration and a single point of contact to trace all customer activities. Becoming truly customer- centric is the only way to deeply understand the players and drive strategic and effective customized marketing campaigns”. Soldá also highlighted: “The quality of the user experience can be improved by the multichannel Sportsbook and gaming recommendation engine which is able to present the player with the sports events and games he is more interested in, offering him a great and totally personalized service.”

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