Players tech is re-shaping online gaming



Players tech is re-shaping online gaming


The online gaming industry has been widely celebrated for its ability to adapt to emerging players trends and adopt innovative technologies. There is no doubt, then, that the hottest trends – artificial intelligence and data science – will impact the gaming scene and its players ahead of the curve.


Given the gaming industry runs on statistics, mathematics and probability in order to get more insight about the players’ behavior, it is no surprise to see them keen to utilize big data to their advantage. All the industry leaders now employ teams of big data engineers and technicians, shifting the dynamics of the sector in numerous ways. What effects will these innovative technologies have on gaming and sports betting in the future?


Big Data – More Realistic Odds and More Accurate Predictions!


For a bookmaker, data analytics presents the possibility of calculating sportsbook odds with even more scientific accuracy. By crunching the numbers behind previous matches, they can deep dive into things like scoring patterns to deliver more realistic odds to their players.


While big data analytics is changing the way, bookmakers make odds and players place bets, it is also changing the way operators reach out to their players. Big data allows a company to personalize its service to the consumer with an extraordinary level of specification. It illustrates clearly not just how and when a player likes to bet but also their other interests and preferences, whether related to gambling or not. This allows operators to create extremely precise tailored marketing campaigns.


Artificial Intelligence Helps Track Players’ Behavior


Sophisticated AI software allows for extremely accurate product personalization. It can learn what a user likes and offer them solid recommendations on how to get the most from a gambling platform. Also, AI helps create a more engaging gaming experience for the player, which means more revenue for operators.


At Btobet we have built a clever sports-betting Recommendation Engine (RE) that can control and suggest bets or events, analyzing the player’s behavior according to sport, category, tournament, competitors and market type preference. Our AI system, through its sophisticated algorithms, enables operators to track players’ behaviour whilst simultaneously using collaborative filtering to provide perfect suggestions for the most appreciated games, odds and bets for each player or segment of players.


Internet of Things – Improved Player Insight


One of the most attractive things of IoT for gaming operators is the further increase in the already huge number of available data they receive from their players. Having more devices passing on more information, casinos and bookmakers get even more relevant data on players’ preferences, user experience and popular trends. This gives them the advantage of improving player’s insight and helps them develop more tailored offers for their players.


Who will get the rewards?


Emerging technologies are impacting the gaming and sports betting industry in many ways, some with positive implications, and others raising concerns for players and operators. What is certain is that the gaming landscape will shift significantly and operators that keep up with innovation and players trends will reap the rewards.

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