Omnichannel Innovation in Sportsbetting

Omnichannel Innovation in Sportsbetting


  • The importance of omnichannel in igaming

Putting user experience at the focus is the key to the success and longevity of any business in this modern age. Providing the seamless experience through really advanced technologies already existing in the market that all players would greatly appreciate should be the goal of any operator.We already discussed the omnichannel, however the potential and importance of it, and the great risk the lack of it brings can’t be stressed enough. The omnichannel provides players the same level of service and satisfaction via every channel. The unified betting engine that differentiates the betting content according to each players’ habits and preferences, learning them through analyzing the cross channel collected data. The system takes automatic marketing and fraud prevention actions according to the player’s channel in use (online, mobile or retail), delivering a totally one-to-one customized experience, different for each channel, according to every single player’s behavior and preferences.


  • Innovation – concept of AI

How is this even possible? Thanks to the evolution of technology, which has advanced beyond simple player management systems that enable operators to acquire and analyze player’s data and behavior. The innovation of AI – and the related concept of the Recommendation Engine – enable operators to automatically cluster users according to their interests and preferences. Through sophisticated algorithms, AI can interpret key player information (player’s happiness level, type of player and player segment) and enable a dynamic segmentation of gamers according to their behavior. Those users are managed across all channels, providing the operators with cross-channel marketing solutions specifically for individual players or player segments.


  • The benefits of the Artificial intelligence and Recommendation Engine

First of all, the collected data about the players’ behavior, activities and preferences is monitored through the sophisticated and precise algorithms (based on the human brain system and processes). Then the immeasurable amount of key player information (player’s happiness level, type of player and what kind of segment he belongs to) is analyzed helping the dynamic micro-segmentation of gamers according to their behavior. This greatly helps in making a precise prediction – what would the players like to receive and do next? After this a very precise automated suggestion can be made, making the players preferred betting selections available in just one click. This also enables the use of specific 1 on 1 extremely personalized marketing campaigns according to both the player and channel in use.


  • Advantage of Innovation in Sportsbetting

For the player, the feeling of uniqueness after receiving suggestions based on their preferences, cross-channel enabled by the Recommendation engine is irreplaceable. The benefits of a dedicated one-to-one front-end, designed according to their personal preferences, leaving more time for playing and enjoying the betting experience – and less time for searching for what they want to find. And lastly receives one-to-one marketing offers, tailored by their cross channel behaviour enhances the user experience greatly.


For the operator, the detailed and selected knowledge received about the player, channel-by-channel is immeasurably valuable. This paves the way for better marketing and business management plans, while increasing players’ loyalty and retention to the brand while gaining lifetime value. This creation of lifetime customers leads faster growth and great revenue increases, while the players are more satisfied than ever before.


To have a deeper insight, download the white paper: Foresighted Artificial Intelligence to innovate the Omnichannel journey. 

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