Is the Offer’s Personalization a Right Approach to Satisfy the Italian Player’s Needs?



Is the Offer’s Personalization a Right Approach to Satisfy the Italian Player’s Needs?


In our previous blog post, we discussed that entering the Italian iGaming market requires a reliable technological partner. At the beginning of this year Italian regulator Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (ADM) has made 120 gaming licenses available. And by the end of the summer, it is therefore planned to issue new licenses which will be able to offer all types of gaming admitted in Italy, i.e. betting, casino games, poker, virtual, bingo, horse racing and betting exchange.


The evolution of iGaming and sports betting technology in recent years has encouraged a transformation of player expectations. Recent studies, reporting a growth of +15.5% for the online market in the sole month of January 2018 (compared to 2017), with revenue higher than 485 million euros and an actual outlay of 60.8 million, are confirming the growing potential of the online in Italy where 84% of players’ spending is generated by smartphones.


This being said it is important to emphasize what strategies should bookmakers and operators do in order to satisfy the needs of Italian players.


The “. it” market is requiring the availability of a platform that can be handled autonomously, equipped with advanced tools capable of formulating original bids, making them emerge from the rest of the homologated proposals of games and bets. As a consequence, the curiosity and the attention of the player would be granted and the operator’s business management would be easier and more agile. How to do that?


  • Choose a reliable partner, that is able to support the credibility and reputation of your brand
  • Have an excellent Omnichannel data management system, to be able to acquire as much information as possible on the player. Through a continuous flow – bidirectional – of data to be analysed and channelled, to improve the quality of services and offers, regardless of the game channels (online, mobile, retail)
  • Being able to count on an advanced technology in terms of: analysis, marketing and user experience.


The real power is in the hands of the player, who chooses where, when and how to play. This is why it is essential to know the client well, their likes and preferences, in order to direct them to proposals that intrigue them and keep them loyal to the brand.


The key is the availability of tools that allow, data collection, which later on will be transformed into offers tailored to the player, for a satisfying gaming experience, regardless of the channel used.


Operators have to look beyond borders the current market situation and be forward-looking. To do this, they need to equip themselves with appropriate technologies tools that give them the flexibility they need and provide the right answer to the need for a detailed view of the player and its behavior.


In the latest market analysis by BtoBet, BtoBet’s chairman Alessandro Fried delivers a warning about hidden dangers in Italy, while exploring the potential of establishing a brand and attracting the attention of Italian players.


For a deep insight, download the full report here.


Operators and bookmaker willing to:

  • Take advantage of experts in the Italian gambling market
  • Build relationships with the relevant local authorities
  • Overcome the technical and bureaucratic compliance process in Italy
  • Shorten the time taken to get the brand to the market
  • Differentiate the offering and create new game markets
  • Choose a technology partner with local and international experience


If you are attending ENADA Primavera, in Rimini, 14-16 March, book a meeting with Alessandro Fried and other BtoBet Group’s experts.

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