Mobile Betting UX – The challenges of sportsbook operators in 2017



Mobile Betting UX – The challenges of sportsbook operators in 2017



Tech innovations in mobile UX and their influence on sports betting

Mobile is becoming such a huge market and even though smartphones seem to look alike year after year, they are advancing with an incredibly fast pace. The one thing advancing even more is the Mobile UX design, or the way data is presented on smartphone devices. The Flat UX that has been roaming the world of mobile interface seems to be evolving in what has been described and named as ‘Complexion Reduction’ meaning there is a trend to make things simpler and less complex for the user, as the fast evolution of technology and the fast rise of the amount of data continues.


It is quite similar in the sports-betting industry, where there is simply too much to present in too little space. When you take into consideration that we have more and more traditional pre-match betting options in a huge range of sports, events and bets, and you add a similar amount of in-play bets available – it becomes clear that the biggest task that lies ahead is the way you present too much information in a way that is appealing to your players. Time is of the essence it seems, both because the desired events may start or finish at any moment, and because of the degradation of the attention span of the average smartphone user. They expect what they want when they want it, within just a few clicks, and this is why the mobile UX is of the utmost importance when it comes to sports betting. Selection of events must be swift and the suggested bets and content must be accurate and easy to access. When you look at the development of sports-betting apps to this date it is clear that the issue of navigating through the content is the most obvious block of providing a truly personalized offering to the players.


What is the best approach?


The obvious way to go forward and impress your customers making them recurring and loyal is through ‘true personalization’ of their user experience while interacting with your app/website/brand. However, what does this true personalization mean? Well, first of all it means that the layout, the interface, that will be presented to the bettor, must be designed around his individual needs, wants and preferences of that bettor, making it appealing for him to use your app and more likely to stick around for longer. However, this of course is not enough, since a truly excellent UX cannot be considered optimal if not accompanied by the capability of the operator behind the app to anticipate their bettors’ wishes. Only by combining the two can you provide a truly unique experience while providing exceptionally captivating service when presenting the right content in the desired manner. This is the only way to impress, providing a unique experience, keeping your players loyal and making them ambassadors of your brand, spreading the word about your exceptional excellence.


What is the best tool?


Simply put – The Recommendation Engine (RE) is the technology that can be the difference between the success and failure in these highly demanding times. The time has come, when recommendation engines are what distinguishes the winners from the losers and this applies in sports-betting just as much if not more, as it does in any consumer-facing mobile offering where if not applied the competition will eat you alive. BtoBet’s Recommendation engine is a tool that assists both the licensee and the players, helping operators anticipate player’s desires so they are able to provide the bets and games that can attract their interest and increase their loyalty. It is the missing link between the operator and the players, creating an intelligent connection between them. Combined with the AI behind it, which monitors the user’s behavior and with the omnichannel platform, tracking that behavior regardless of the channel the user uses the RE can truly personalize the gaming experience to each of the player’s preferences. This increases satisfaction, betting and loyalty, leading to higher profits.






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