With the advancements in technology, especially mobile, 3G and 4G mobile networks as well as Wi-Fi networks mobile is without a doubt becoming a primary gadget in the gaming industry. Because of its efficiency, it provides a faster growth of IGaming.


There are several aspects to take into consideration when it comes to player retention, however, research shows that game design and game-play come first. Creating mobile-friendly websites need to be a priority for those operators who want to obtain more traffic and retain more players, which leads to the fact that in the following years, mobile products will be optimised so they maximise both player experience and their loyalty. If acquisition by mobile grows that means that there will be an increase of probability to play by that same mobile, which leads to the requirement of reliable features and functionality of the products that are going to be designed for mobile.


There is a growing need for mobile games to be designed for the dimensions of the device, not to be just replicas of desktop’s versions or minimalist versions of them. They will need to be sophisticated and player friendly, with engaging content that will be inviting and that will entice players to spend more time on the site.


Studies have confirmed that fun games, sporting games, multi-player battles, virtual reality and different competitions between players are among the most important ingredients in order to create even greater engagement and loyalty from mobile users. Not only that, but building an ecosystem that drives constant engagement by rewarding players and bettors for it will make them come back for more every time. Another key aspect for loyalty and retention is the possibility for a fast and easy deposit since mobile users don’t like waiting, and it should be minimised in every aspect. Another powerful instrument for player retention is communications – the use of digital messages can be of crucial importance to increase the strength of the product in the player’s mind and make it a part of the player’s daily routine. Banners must be optimised for mobile as well, as they are another great way for engaging players.


Determining the source of the problems players might have with your website is crucial for churn management. Once the problems are detected corrective actions and incentives are the best way to help maintain players’ loyalty toward the brand.  Companies should invest in the continuous development of their omnichannel platform, that will allow them to deliver the right product to the right players with impeccable timing.


Focusing on the quantity and richness of the product, which is the product-centric approach adopted by many is unfortunately not the right way to go. This is because at the expense of the product the experience of the player can suffer leading to endless scrolling overwhelmed by the number of events and betting models or patterns. This is why an innovative attitude is the right way to go when it comes to mobile, an attitude based on the Artificial Intelligence. An AI system that understands user’s behaviour, analyses it and based on it creates a dynamic offer based on every individual player. This is a fundamental part of going mobile, since having an advanced Sportsbook will enable them automation and customisation of offers, rewards, bonuses enabling a more tailored betting experience as opposed to scrolling through infinite items which are not of the player’s interest. This option not only more pleasant and timesaving for the users, create betting opportunities that would otherwise be lost, therefore increasing the frequency of bets made significantly.


There are infinite possibilities and for instance, since the providers of the service can follow the player’s location, they can suggest a bet on a match that the end-user is watching live at the stadium!


It can be concluded, that by analysing on what players like, the fast update of available markets and suggesting bets that might be appealing to the players are becoming tools that users expect on their mobile devices, but tools that are able to create life-time value for the users. This is why targeting players and incentivising them to take action by offering them customised content they will like, at the time they want it is the only way to succeed.


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