“Local approach crucial for success in Africa” – with A.Pizzolotto from STM Gaming

 “Local approach crucial for success in Africa” – with A.Pizzolotto from STM Gaming


Africa’s region is getting more and more recognized for the vast opportunities that sports-betting industry there has yet to offer. Acknowledging the fact that in these markets retail is still on the throne, which comes at no surprise since many of the players do not have access to local institution therefore credit cards are still unobtainable for them.

Consequential of this, mobile money payment gateways are noticing significant increase in terms of usage. Despite these facts, many countries in Africa are now slowly but steadily shifting towards the online world, which is proven to be crucial for their growth if taken into account the ever-increasing numbers in terms of Internet users and smartphone penetration.


In Africa, cash is still the most dominant form of payment which explains the players’ tendency to go and place their bets in the nearest betting shop. Nevertheless, as the numbers of internet users and smartphone penetration continue their exponential growth the number of people who will experience the benefits from digitalization thus seeking it more intensively will be on the rise as well.


Still, changes are ever so imminent in this cash-oriented scenario and will arrive as soon as players start to notice just how much more convenient and entertaining it is when they place bets through their smartphones, laptops or tablets from anywhere they want. Additionally, in comparison with retail shops which offer betting only on live sports matches and in some cases virtuals, online betting’s content portfolio is much richer as players can get access to online casinos, lottery, e-sports and virtuals.


On the subject of payment gateways, they still represent a major challenge which Africa has yet to overcome. However, the continual expansion of companies such as MTN Africa and Airtel Africa in the region will contribute heavily in providing mobile payment gateways which will be accessible from all countries. Such payment gateways will surely boost the development of the regional iGaming industry.


BtoBet’s success and established strong presence in Africa is based on the localized approach in terms of the technology and services that are being offered to our partners. Neuron 3 platform’s efficiency and technological flexibility allows the needs of the local market to be met. As a significant contributing factor to the success are our local content partners who provide insights of immense value allowing us to create specific content that matches Africa’s requirements, whilst also taking into account local internet usage and hardware specifications.


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