How to Stand Out in the Sportsbook Business

How-to stand-out-in-thе-sportsbook business

How to Stand Out in the Sportsbook Business


What sets BtoBet apart from the competition is that unlike other companies we don’t offer a cut and paste solution to our customers. We offer a range of solid and stable platforms – namely the Neuron Gaming and Neuron Sports platforms – where unicity is the key. These are platforms built from the ground up with the operator in mind, where he will be presented with a high level of customization in terms of user experience, content and configuration amongst other aspects. To put them in layman’s terms these are all elements that enable the operator to build the front-end in the way he deems most appropriate, whilst at the same time giving him the opportunity to integrate third party content and configuring other aspects of the user experience.


With ICE Totally Gaming 2018 being the largest European iGaming tradeshow, BtoBet is getting ready to showcase its dedicated services and high level of customization of its products, to all operators and bookmakers willing to discover how to make their brand unique on the market and differentiate themselves from the competition.. To find out more how we can help you excel your business, through its redesigned divisions BtoBet Gaming and BtoBet Sports and technology platforms, visit us at STAND S1-320 or book a meeting below:

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To confirm a strong and brilliant brand identity and exclusivity of offers, operators and bookmakers need a: stable, open, advanced, flexible and scalable platform tailored for Sportsbook, proposing scalable solution for any channel, any jurisdiction and any business model.


The ideal platform needs to be: open to integrate and sportsbook provider; fully customizable and able to integrate any possible content; open to integrate any payment provider; open to integrate any affiliation system; highly flexible in order to be compliant with any local jurisdiction. That being said, the technology partner must enable the operator to stay ahead of the competition.


Choose the right sports platform for your sportsbook business


BtoBet’s platform – Neuron Sport- guarantees the personalization of the sportsbook offer to cover and fully respond to all the needs of a bookmaker or an operator, both from the marketing point of view and the risk strategies. Neuron Sports platform provides very customizable front-end and access to risk management tools across all betting products.  


Advanced risk management


A full range of options to manage the odds, events and bets. The risk management is entrusted to the experience of BtoBet Trading Team. Each activity is accomplishment of the operator’s instructions, with the sole objective of applying and respecting his own risk strategy. The Risk Manager has at his disposal a series of tools to write and apply advanced rules aimed at an effective profiling of players. Each betting player’s “betting behavior” is analyzed and automatically generates a segmentation of the bettors in order to achieve a full risk management.


Ultimate user experience


Thanks to an advanced CMS it is possible to customize every slightest aspect of the front-end to optimize the presentation of your own offer. A series of innovative widgets and banners are available for a constant enrichment of the front-end and are positioned with simple drag and drop in the sections of the site and immediately available and visible to the end user.


Jackpot betting


You can configurate your own Jackpot Game, choosing your preferred configuration parameters and defining the final product. It is totally suitable for small, medium and large business. It also provides:

    • Monitoring Tickets section
    • Ticket filtering system
    • Widgets, banners and formatted layout for marketing purposes


The winning formula to get a successful brand and maintain a strong identity, standing out from the general offers on the market, depends on different aspects involving clever strategies based on reliable partnerships and far-sighted and long-lasting technology. The only way for licensees to deliver exclusive and outstanding offers is by individualising theyr special values and relying on a robust, flexible and scalable platform, suitable to fulfilling the delivery in the correct way, according to the requirements of the different markets.


To find out more, visit us at ICE S1-320 – book a meeting.

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