How technology makes the difference when Acquiring and Managing eSports Bettors?



How technology makes the difference when Acquiring and Managing eSports Bettors?

The National Olympic Committees recognize eSports as a real part of the sporting world. eSport and social gambling have been described as the next revolutions in the online gambling world and it represents a new revenue opportunity for bookmakers and it’s gaining serious motion every year. It is creating a new betting environment on the horizon for Operators and a new generation of players called Millennials.




What is the importance of intercepting this reality?

According to international analysis, eSports will definitely play a key role in the future of sports betting, with an estimated global wagering market of $23 billion by 2020.


eSports audience is growing very fast, Newzoo statistics confirm frequent Millennials players in 2014 were 90 million, while occasional viewers were 114 million; in 2015 the number of frequent player increased of +25 million players and in 2018 projections are saying that frequent players will reach 165 million together with 158 million of occasional viewers.


Table: Growth of Active eSports participants


Statistics from provides numbers showing how betting is becoming an integral part of the eSports phenomena:

  • 16 billlion minutes watched per month
  • 1000 million unique viewers per month
  • 11 million total videos broadcast per month
  • 1 million peak concurrent viewers


Infographics: statistics about Millennials



The new emerging eSports trend is pushing traditional sportsbook makers to explore the needs of this new generation of fans and players – which is completely different from the original target – to attract this promising new target to their brands, planning to expanding their business in this new challenging environment.


How can the traditional bookmaker start a dialogue with eSports fans?

Considering Millennials preferences

  • They are interested in acquiring skills and they read with purpose
  • Millennials are not interested in traditional advertisement and are attract from personal and personalized proposals
  • They prefer to purchase from a company that supports a cause they care about (if price and quality were equal
  • They like powerful visuals (pictures, videos), memorable audio, compelling scripts
  • 75% of millennials are never offline (even at night) and 8 out of 10 of them are constantly
  • Multitasking on multi devices; as a result they appear to be far more interested in owning an iPad than a vehicle
  • With this generation, we can observe a clear transition from a world built around the information flow dispersed by TV, to one where a far more personalized media flow is developed around the individual and guided by two main criteria: satisfaction and sharing
  • 90% of millennials uses coupons
  • 82% of millennials’ trust in an organization rises if it has an account on Social Media
  • They like downloading video and share pictures (Instagram,Pinterest,Facebook,Google +)


Bookmakers have to


  • be prepared to this new target, operators have to choose friendly ways of communication, through mobile and social networks and adopt some peculiar strategies
  • follow forums to understand who their target is and what they think
  • boost their brand’s presence
  • write good content and helpful information and inspiration to acquire credibility, to capture millennials’ interest and create positive value association with the brand
  • build their style of information: concise, direct and personal, appealing and cheeky
  • plan fun campaigns, use #hashtags, to publish infographics, slideshow videos, videos on social medias
  • find and involve influencer and vloggers
  • use widgets emblazoned with the team logo and clear reference to eSports
  • gamify incentives and personalize them
  • dedicate a special section to eSports because it is not to be treat as a traditional betting environment


Once operators get the attention of Millennials, how can technology assist operators to manage eSports bettors?


Davide Ruggeri, Btobet’s Head of Sportsbook confirmed:


“Our thinking software is able to improve eSports fans’ experience by offering the type of entertainment that suites Millennials and providing operators with fitted tools to manage their business with flexibility. Through Btobet’s high technology, we allow operators to enjoy the possibilityof registering Millennials, monitoring the behaviour of each registered eSports enthusiast, and verifying their preferences while playing in order to provide automatic and personalized suggestions and rewards in line with every Millennial’s wish.”


BtoBet’s software features can perfectly fulfil this particular target’s priorities creating rapid, automatic and personalised multi-channel answers. The wide offer eSports Pre-match and Live Betting channel – Live Scores and Statistics – combined with our AI software, enables operators to set business strategies and elaborate specific offers in line with the new generation’s expectations, facing the new eSports challenge.


BtoBet has decided to dedicate a special section to eSports offering bookmakers its intelligent software integrated with Betradar’s eSports solutions. Commenting on the partnership, Grega Sebela, Partner Network Manager at Betradar  highlighted:

“Considering Millennials or Generation Y, who are completely different from the today’s traditional sports punters, bookmakers have to ponder this aspect to position themselves and to plan how to engage with this new target. BtoBet can help them expand their business beyond the traditional sports betting.



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