Get your bettors mobile without hurting your retail business


Get your bettors mobile without hurting your retail business

Every retail operator needs to realise the importance of going mobile. It is a trend that has an unparalleled impact on the iGaming industry, and every participant in the iGaming industry needs to realise the reasons for it. The obvious benefits the players will be getting in the form of the possibilities of placing instant bets on the go, regardless of their surroundings or whereabouts, as well as providing them with a seamless experience in the entire process, including retail, online and mobile platforms. However, the benefits for the operators and sportsbook makers will be far greater than that, and we will discuss them in depth in this blog post.
Land based operators are still important because they are able to provide something for which pure online operators require huge investments to do. Trust levels in bet shops are far greater, as well as the support found in a matter of seconds in case of any questions. The direct in-store payment method is also a plus, as well as the community of players in the retail shops is a big plus. The brand presence recognition the retail shops provide is far greater as well.
Operators need to realize that the biggest benefit from having their players online is the most valuable asset out there: data. And not any data, but very valuable, 100% correct data, giving insights on the exact habits and behaviour of their players. Keeping track of where they bet, when they bet, and being able to receive the analysis as to why they place bets (besides winning money). Possessing the tools and ability to incentivize them to place more bets, is by far the greatest and most powerful tool anyone can ask for, isn’t it?
The importance of going online is because with the online channel, you provide services directly to the players, and the players satisfaction is in the middle of your offer. This offers analytics of players and bettors’ activity, the ability to create retention and loyalty programs, gives them the power to provide personalised promotions etc. On the other hand, retail operators are not directly focused on the player. Their clients are anonymous, they do not have any data and they cannot build any strategy on the player itself. In some cases, retail operations are multichannel. Different independent channels totally disconnected between each other are not the answer and definitely do not provide the modern gaming experience beneficial to both players and sportsbook business.


Why do players need to be in the focus regardless of which channel they use?


Because of the data which is so beneficial to the iGaming operators. In an Omnichannel environment, the platform is able to track the player on all the channels, to provide to the operator cross channel data analysis tools on which the operator will be able to improve is retention strategies and cross channel services. Loyalty will be tracked across all channels, and the difference will merely be in the way the players will want to engage with you. Choosing the most convenient way to interact with you depending on their mood and whereabouts, should not change the product they receive, but rather provide the same experience both retail and online.
The omnichannel platform is giving the operators the ability to activate bonuses usable through all the channels and a system that has the ability to calculate the wagering requirements across all channels in order to activate those bonuses. The loyalty programs will be able to calculate loyalty points across all channels as well, providing the players with the incentive to use their betting profile even when betting retail. Improving the quality of the user experience using the multichannel recommendation engine, which will be able to present the players with the betting events he is going to be interested in, independently of the channel he is using. If he goes online, uses a mobile, or even a self-service terminal the player will see those events first, and if he goes to a cashier to place a bet, he will receive those suggestions from them as well, offering him a better service incentivizing him to bet. Geo-localized push notifications can communicate different information and promotions depending on the location of the player. All of these are examples on how Retailer iGaming providers can move from a passive offer to a symbiotic service, offering the players the advanced gaming experience they deserve and expect, acquiring real time cross channel information, providing player analytics, which will help them improve and enhance their service, promotions, and player retention and acquisition.

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