Episode 2: The ideal gaming platform: The quest for success in the gaming industry

Episode 2: The ideal gaming platform: The quest for success in the gaming industry


Last week we talked about how important it is for gaming brands to develop a distinctive brand personality in order to stand out in the crowded gaming industry and in this article we will dive into the benefits of implementing a tailored and easily adaptable gaming platform.


What does it mean to have an ideal gaming platform?


The term ideal can have many different meanings. When it comes to the iGaming industry – the ideal gaming platform is envisioned as a platform that, in the first place, can be easily integrated into an existing operator’s environment.  In fact, integration is believed to be an indispensable feature of any gaming platform that contributes to achieving success in the industry. For companies and businesses to stay ahead of the competition, it is of paramount importance for them to adopt highly flexible solutions that are compatible with different types of existent features and open to integrate various specific properties.


Ensuring a multifaceted integration


What is intended by multifaceted integration? A gaming platform that allows the below-mentioned types of integration can be considered as a platform that is multifaceted, i.e. versatile, scalable and flexible.


Integration of any game or sportsbook provider


The easy integration of any type of games or sportsbook operator is a fundamental aspect of success in this competitive industry. Gaming platforms that are difficult to integrate into existing business environments and struggle to work harmoniously with already determined business infrastructures can obstruct the players’ gaming experience and result in unnecessary costs. On the other hand, gaming platforms that are able to integrate any game and sportsbook provider can guarantee an engaging players’ experience.


Integration of any specific content


No matter the industry, every product which is able to be adjusted to the personal needs and expectations of the users has the potential to succeed. This is especially true when it comes to the iGaming industry. When gaming operators are searching to implement a new platform, they focus on finding one that could be easily customized in accordance to their specific needs and that will allow the integration and management of any specific gaming content.


Integration of any payment provider


For a gaming platform to be seamlessly integrated into an existing business environment, it should also be able to incorporate a wide variety of payment methods for a number of countries, either directly or through specialized payment providers. This would allow users to make payment transactions quickly, easily and securely. In reality, it is proven that the majority of online shoppers are likely to abandon a purchasing process if they can’t use their preferred payment method. Therefore, it is crucial for gaming operators to get to know their target audience’s behaviour, needs, and habits and offer a solution that would be satisfying.


Integration of any affiliation system


An affiliation system can be considered an important contributor to the gaming operators’ success, as it can empower their brand and boost their income. The capability of the gaming platform to integrate any affiliation system can result in building a quality two-sided relationship between operators and affiliates. As a conclusion, having an affiliate system helps in increasing brand awareness and building a strong affiliate network and promoting different gaming offers.


Prepare for the next episode of the series of TechCorner that will thoroughly explore how having a brand that anticipates players’ expectations is beneficial for gaming operators.


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