Entering the Italian iGaming Market Requires the Right Technological Partner



Entering the Italian iGaming Market Requires the Right Technological Partner


Italy is the second regulated market in Europe for the volume of takings, after Britain, and at the beginning of this year Italian regulator Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (ADM) has made 120 gaming licences available on a first come first served basis. Legislators have launched a bidding process, with around 40 licences expected to be issued to operators already present in the country’s gaming market looking to renew current licences. All operators that have not yet acquired the concession for the activation of the remote gaming network have the time to do it until March 19, 2018.


The new licenses are expected to be released by the end of the summer and will be able to offer all types of games admitted in Italy at the moment; betting, casino games, bingo, poker, virtual, horse racing and betting exchange.


However, there are two important things that raise concerns among the Italian and international operators: compliance with regulatory requirements and standing out in the gaming and betting business. Below are some insights on how to avoid difficulties and developing your business smoothly in the “dot it” market. The Italian gaming and betting market is growing, but that doesn’t mean that life of the operators is any easier. On the contrary, in order to emerge from the standard and make a difference they need to have the necessary knowledge of the set rules, to be able to count on organized structure equipped with the adequate technology to differentiate which leads us to the importance of choosing the right platform for your iGaming or sports betting business.


How to emerge from the standard and make a difference?


Choose a trustful partner, able to support your credibility and your brand’s reputation. BtoBet is a true partner in technology, offering a standalone platform and services for the iGaming and Sports Betting industry. Having 20 years of experience in software development in IT, finance, telecommunications, e-commerce and banking, and being strongly committed in the technology, allow BtoBet to be visionary in the field of iGaming and Sports Betting, with a deep understanding of the demands of the local market and international, capable of capturing trends and anticipating the needs of bookmakers and «dot it» operators. It allows operators to be UNIQUE in their markets reference. Its platforms have already followed the process of compliance in regulated markets – in Europe, Africa, Colombia and other areas of Latin America – offering the opportunity to personalize the sports betting and iGaming business.


Entry into the Italian iGaming and sports betting scene


Italian players are showing a strong interest in mobile, doubling their budget for playing and betting with their smartphones. Between January and June last year, the data shows that 84% of the expenditure is generated via smartphone, becoming the main game channel. In Italy, the operator’s attention to the player is a lot high and the ability to develop game offers and innovative bets surely it represents an important point. In this case, the choice of a certified technological partner is fundamental. Expert on the Italian market and with orientation to the final customer, recognized on the international and not just local scene, which knows how to make it easier to enter the Italian market in REAL TIME. Moreover, the availability of an internal team, based in Italy, that guarantees risk management, also dedicated to new markets, which is becoming a must to stand out from competitors.


How to satisfy the needs of Italian players?


The “dot it” market is requiring the availability of a platform that can be handled autonomously, equipped with advanced tools capable of formulating original bids, making them emerge from the rest of the homologated proposals of games and bets. As a consequence, the curiosity and the attention of the player would be granted and the operator’s business management would be easier and more agile. How to do that?

  1. Choose a reliable partner that can support credibility and reputation of your brand
  2. Have an excellent Omnichannel data management, to be able to acquire as much information as possible on the player.
  3. Being able to rely on advanced technology in terms of: analysis, marketing and user experience


Operators have to look beyond borders the current market situation and be forward-looking. To do this, they need to equip themselves with appropriate technologies tools that give them the flexibility they need and provide the right answer to the need for a detailed view of the player and its behavior.


Read more details in the whitepaper – you can download the English version here: https://www.btobet.com/en/new-scenario-2018-italian-gaming-market-industry-report or the Italian version here: https://www.btobet.com/en/nuovo-scenario-2018-del-mercato-italiano-dei-giochi-industry-report

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