Easy transition from retail to mobile with A.I. Omnichannel iGaming Platform – African emerging markets

Easy transition from retail to mobile with A.I. Omnichannel iGaming Platform – African emerging markets


Africa industry environment and statistics


The governments in the growing African market have steadily invested in undersea fiber-optic cables and infrastructure related to the mobile and smartphone market. According to statistics, due to the lack of fast internet connections in Africa, people are driven towards mobile, and the desktop generation seems to be skipped. This is because of the fact that the internet penetration is 16% lower than the world average of 42%, however the Mobile penetration in Africa is 79%, + 28% compared with the 51% world’s trend. Kenya is home to about 36 million mobile users and Tanzania counts about 33 million mobile users. With real GDP CAGR of 7%, Uganda should be one of the fastest-growing African economies over 2013-2020 and has been labelled as one of the top 20 markets of the future. On top of that, making a deposit/withdrawal through the mobile deposit method is a feature provided by many providers and it just requires having an account on a participating mobile provider.


More details and statistic can be found in the Industry Report: UGANDA FOCUS. Download here.


Market trends


Studies say that by 2018, the mobile betting market in Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya would have reached $37 billion. The potential become even more interesting if we consider all the other African areas.


The most popular gambling activity in Africa is sports-betting with close to 20% of the respondents having bet on sports. This is due to the growing popularity of sports, as well as the easy accessibility because of the high proliferation of sports betting outlets. Promotional competitions, ludo, pool betting and slot machines have participation rates between 1% and 3.6%. Approximately 6.1% have been gambling since before 2005 while 12% started gambling between 2005 and 2010. The majority – 81.7% – started engaging in gambling activities after 2010 with the highest proportion having been gambling since 2013. The 18-30 age group is more likely to participate in gambling, as well as mobile gambling, compared to potential players that are 31 and older.






Despite the fact the African gaming market is principally land-based, the incredible numbers of mobile use and the evolution of the mobile devices are making the area one of the most attractive markets for mobile iGaming. In Uganda alone 32 operators are currently licensed to operate betting on sports and horse races.


We have deeply elaborated the Uganda market industry in the Industry Report: UGANDA FOCUS. You can download it here.


Moving from retail to mobile


In the environment presented in the previous section, land-based retailers can’t stay indifferent to the changing market and have to start moving quickly to Online, and especially Mobile. In order to do so, the ideal tool would seem to be an intelligent platform, that allows the natural evolution of physical bet-shop into intelligent omnichannel shops, integrating web and physical stores. Shops that would be able to finally understand players’ behavior while playing and set marketing and business strategies.


The evolving African market requires a suitable platform and fitting software technology that enable operators to manage player data and gambling-related business anywhere, from Shop to Mobile and Online. This is when operators need to consider BtoBet’s next-level omnichannel platform – B Neuron. It is a platform that offers players the best possible experience and operators the greatest insight into their player behavior to drive revenues. It allows the evolution of physical bet-shops into intelligent omnichannel shops via a single passage, integrating web and physical stores by giving the opportunity to finally understand players’ behavior while playing and set marketing and business strategy that would have greater penetration and higher player satisfaction leading to greater player loyalty.


Final words


The use of the right technology combined with a smart marketing strategy can help operators establish a leading position in the growing African market. BtoBet’s omnichannel platform and software technology enables African licensees to manage player data and gambling related business anywhere, no matter the channel. It is the smart choice, because it is much easier to position yourself as a leader in a growing market bringing something new to the players, who will greatly appreciate the next level of service they will get, and the extreme convenience the new gaming channels bring on the market.


BtoBet will be presenting our best and most popular A.I igaming and sportsbook omnichannel platform, as well as the newest tools launched at ICE 2017. Follow the link here to meet us at the SPORTSBETTING EAST AFRICA SUMMIT!



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