Why East Africa is The Next Big iGaming Market



Why East Africa is The Next Big iGaming Market


East Africa is the next big iGaming market, especially when it comes to mobile gaming, mobile payments and a real mobile multi-channel experience. With a population of 1.26 billion people, Africa is the second most populous continent in the world. It is however crucially a young continent, with 67% of its population under the age of 35, with the ‘working population’ expected to grow exponentially to reach the 450 million-mark over a span of 20 years.


With a scenario that presents 35 of its 54 countries already entering mobile sportsbook, and with mobile payments being the most common used payment method in the continent, one can easily assume that this is a market full of potential. When it comes to the gambling sector it is however East Africa that propels itself as one of the most appealing regions of the continent, with an increasing propensity of mobile penetration, and a legal landscape in many countries in the region that offers an important basis of stability for operators.


As with all emerging markets, challenges do arise. However, the African gaming industry, with particular reference to its Eastern region, provide a perfect opportunity with high returns on low investments for those operators willing to enter or expand their business in the region.


East Africa in focus


Gambling is a multitrillion-dollar industry and Africa is one of the newest, most exciting players to sit at the table. However, it is East Africa and particularly Kenya, alongside with Nigeria and South Africa that are deemed as the fastest growing markets on the continent, while Uganda and Tanzania are other big players in the East African region. With Africa, in general, considered as one of the world’s most impressive innovators when it comes to mobile technology, it is again Eastern Africa and Kenya, that distinguish themselves as one of Africa’s fastest growing gambling markets, with an increasing smartphone penetration driving the industry’s fast-growing expansion.


The regulatory aspect in East Africa


Unlike Asia, and in certain aspects also unlike Latin America, the African continent as a whole is still considered as an emerging market. However even in its emerging state, the legal landscape for gaming, especially in regards to sports products, in Africa is a lot more stable than one would initially think. And East Africa, is at the forefront when it comes to the incorporation of gaming laws with Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Rwanda all being regulated.


What do the operators need to harness the potential of the region?


Success or failure for operators primarily lies with the importance of not underestimating aspects such as the importance of having local insight, experience and understanding of the situation. As is the case in emerging gambling markets, it is of the utmost importance for operators targeting to enter, or seeking to diversify their operations, in the African market to be able to rely on the right technical partner who will bring with him a wealth of knowledge and experience needed for a seamless launch of the business.


Boasting of an already strong presence on the African market, BtoBet is strengthening its position as the trusted technological partner with deep know-how in the region stemming from a profound awareness to the varying problematics that constitute the different countries and regions. Relying on a diversified clientele portfolio and knowing all the issues that constitute the main challenges for operators in the region, BtoBet is able to assist its partners in a holistic approach.


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