Differentiation: a strategy for success in the Italian market




Differentiation: a strategy for success in the Italian market


Overview: The Italian iGaming Market


Italy, being the second regulated market in Europe with 120 new government released licenses to be issued is becoming more and more competitive. Sports betting via mobile in August 2017 had an 89% rise in the past year, pointing out the strong interest in mobile betting the Italian players have. In fact, mobile, holding 84% of the expense is becoming the principal gaming channel! Sports betting, even though extremely popular holds only 34% of the iGaming market, behind Casino games that hold 43% of it and in front of all other games with 23% altogether.

All of these are strong indicators that Italian operators need to satisfy the needs of the new mobile gaming frontier, and the best way to do that will be improving their offer and improving the player’s experience! In such a competitive sports betting iGaming market, the best way to gain a competitive advantage is by being proactive and innovative and by being different.

The obstacles and opportunities facing sport betting operators


In the past, the Customs and Monopoly Agency – ADM was in charge of scheduling the events and the models of bets. Lately, the operators have had the opportunity to create their own schedule to be approved, however, no one seems to deviate from the schedule proposed by all others. This leads towards getting lost in the sea of operators, with a flat sport betting offer. The reasons for it are various, but the most important three are the lack of flexible and customizable software, the impossibility to manage the gaming platform autonomously and the unavailability of advanced tools and original offers.

Getting out of this lethargic cycle, even though frightening, leads to great opportunities, but how to step up?

Well, the most obvious step forward would be getting free from the uncomfortable chains of highly homologated products. Being different is a clear key to success. There is a way to make sports betting unique and interesting making your offer different and unique. Additionally, this creativity allows to develop a fully customized, end-to-end product that reflects user’s expectations. Choosing the right platform and the ideal software is the most important step towards the satisfaction of the Italian players.


How to satisfy the Italian bettors?


The first step towards the satisfaction of the Italian players is choosing a trustful partner that is able to support your credibility and your brand’s reputation. This is the most important piece of the puzzle, as your success greatly depends on your partner! However, a great partner without the right tools is useless, so sport betting software that is able to support the needs of the evolving market is another key to success. Having an omnichannel data management able to acquire and process great amounts of information about each individual player, analyze it and suggested bets that can be offered to each player regardless of channel. One that will use its state of the art marketing tools in order to enhance the user experience which will create loyal and satisfied players that will recognize how unique and colourful you are among the grey competition.


The bottom line is, that in order for sports betting Operators to be successful, they have to look beyond borders the current market situation and be forward-looking. To do this, they need to equip themselves with appropriate technologies tools that give them the flexibility they need and provide the right answer to the need for a detailed view of the player and its behavior. Only in this way licensees can deliver suggestions for gambling and betting that surely will impress the customer.


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