Customer centricity applied by iGaming operators

Customer centricity applied by iGaming operators


Customer centricity is in the middle of the companies’ success and high levels of personalization based on extensive data analysis lies at the core of every successful online business out there. It would seem that iGaming is no different. iGaming operators need to follow closely all the technological innovations, especially the ones relevant to their players. Real-time seamless worldwide communications and transactions, digital currencies, integration of online and offline gaming, as well as customer centricity, all have a great impact on the iGaming industry. In order to remain relevant on the market, operators need to understand the greatness of the impact these factors have on the industry and the players’ expectations in order to be able to offer the players what they want.


Why the customer centric approach?


For starters, the voice of the players has never been stronger, especially with the rise of social media. Players can no longer be seen as numbers, but expect to be treated individually and special. Having a great experience is just as important as having the best odds. Great customer-centric companies made sure the standards of player treatment went up, and there is no going back. Whether you like it or not, players expect to be in the centre of your attention, and if you don’t make them, your competitors will. Not to mention the increase in profits this will bring, as you will motivate your special players with special offers they will like more because they are tailored to each of them individually. So, when something is inevitable and profitable, it is only logical to pursue. Customers need to come first, and be put in the core of the business! By pursuing the customer-centric approach, you will always know what the players of tomorrow will respond to, as you will be able to predict what your players individually want!


How to cope with the challenges of putting in practice customer-centric strategies


  1. Missing the key innovative platform to collect and manage player data


Technological advancements are in the middle of the customer-centric approach. If you do not have the right software to collect the customer data and derive useful information from it, you can’t pursue customer centricity. With an advanced and intelligent igaming and sportsbook platform such as B Neuron, the operator can have intelligent key player data and information to automatically manage. Advanced segmentation of the players followed by Intelligent data analysis and detailed reporting and suggestions about the players needs and wants. B Neuron intelligently assists both the licensee and the player, and the always changing dynamic gaming and betting scenarios are analyzed, based on which suggestions of bets and games are made that are of special interest to the player.


  1. Failure to meet player’s expectations


Having a large variety of games and a great offer with excellent odds and games is not good enough! The sooner you realise that the better off your business will be. It is not about extending your offer enough so more and more customers will like you. It is about using the recommendation engine to find out what they want to bet on, offer it to them, and make them happy while making your profit margins go up. It helps operators bring their profits up by 30% leaving 73% of your players satisfied far more because of the personalised experience they are getting from it. It is clear that in gambling and betting, where players have loads of games and bets they can choose from, customers need a little nudge in the right direction, so they can focus more on playing and less on searching for games.



  1. Looking at customers from a short-term perspective:


Operators need to realise that iGaming is not hustling. It is more important to create loyal returning players than to ‘hustle’ those players out of as much money as possible as soon as possible. It is important to keep the perspective in mind that in the end the house always wins. This is why taking care of the customers comes first. A big part of the customer-centric approach is the responsible gambling initiative, which tailored to each individual offers limits to loss or gambling at a certain time and keeping the players from going ‘full tilt’. This is a win-win for both the players and the operators since transparency is the way to make loyal customers, which in the long run will make them more money than letting their customers go on a betting frenzy.


It is not easy to become a truly customer-centric operator, however, iGaming operators need to realise it – there is a growing trend towards customer obsession in the world of business, and the iGaming industry is no different. As in any industry, operators that are not putting players’ intelligence into their focus are risking of falling behind, as on the internet, things can turn in an instance. Operators need to understand that the players are the key and always need to put themselves in their shoes in order to be able to truly minimise their efforts and maximise their values. Because of the speed information travels at a bad experience can lead to millions in potential losses, and a great one can bring immeasurable gains.

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